2000 Chronology

Research by Karsten Roekens and Scott M, plus contributors…



'Uncut' magazine - "Classic Albums Revisited". A well intentioned – if ill informed – double page retrospective on 'Metal Box'


VH1 confirm that the first of 7 episodes of 'Rotten TV' will premier on January 23rd.

The accompanying VH1 press blurb states:
"When asked off the top of John's head what the show wa s..... here's what fell out of his bottom: Hep! Tateuch (the first 7 books of the old testament).
Rotten Television is: an executionary cherry; a youthful mixture of both science & health; and erudite promissory note; the last words in folk art..... as opposed to popular delusion; a useful manual on how to control household pests; a program that will leave only the corrupt confused and your air conditioner still broken; a journey through John's shoes focusing on the fine detail work in the stitching of the heels."

"Rotten TV is never the same two times in a row. That's not inconsistency......that's growth! A weekly series would be a weak series. Episodes are delivered on a done-by-basis. Strictly C.O.D. We call these episodic events "the 7 deadly sins" because that's the contract my lawyer negotiated. We don't know what the 7 deadly sins are, but we do know we've got 7 of them…"

Equally bizarre commercials featuring Lydon holding a lemon also begin running on VH1: "From the mind of Johnny Rotten".


'Rotten Radio' continues on eYada.com. The show runs every Saturday 4-8pm until August; culminating with John broadcasting live from the Democratic Party Convention in Los Angeles.

During the upcoming shows John states that he has no current plans to put PiL back together, but would like to work with Lu Edmonds again. He also reveals he has started working on new solo material; but it is still in the "very, very early stages" and is in no hurry to complete an album's worth. He has only been writing for fun, but does say it is possible that any future release could be released by himself; via the internet.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.


Episode 1 of 'Rotten Television' is finally broadcast on VH1, USA.

"What time does the war start?" John gets thrown off Roseanne Barr's talk show; destroys Sex Pistols memorabilia with a tank; interviews a Hollywood Madame-cum-entertainer (no pun!); gets stood up by 'rock stars'; and interview's wannabe MTV VJ's (yes Simon, we saw it too). Read F&F review here.


RottenTV.Com website is launched by VH1 to promote the show. The site features information and screening times, along with video clips and pictures from the first episode, plus a message board to leave feedback.

During the first episode comments of the website: "If you disagree with anything I'm saying here, there is a web site for you to interfere with. And put your own personal point of view across to. And I will respond. And I want that. Because that's the whole point: If we're gonna ever clear up what is wrong with this industry, that's where we begin: You the Public.....and me.....as a member of the public.....image ltd."

It turns out that John is not given free control over the site and after a few months it disappears. The first sign of trouble between John and VH1…


The premiere of the Sex Pistols 'The Filth and The Fury' film at The Sundance Film Festival. John Lydon, Steve Jones and Julien Temple are all in attendance. The film is introduced by Danny De Vito whose company Jersey Films is also involved with the film.

John brings the 'Rotten TV' crew and films footage for use in episode 2 of the show; including a interview with De Vito.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'. Guests include: Dr. Brad Blanton, political activist and author of Radical Honesty and Zack Exley, webmaster of GWBush.com


'The Filth and The Fury!' - Sex Pistols & PiL fanzine launches its own website. Which of course, will eventually spawn this very website… I'm not the same as when I began?


Bill Laswell's Meta Records in the USA release '30 Hertz Collection'. A Jah Wobble compilation of 30 Hertz material from the past three years. A different 30 Hertz compilation is released in the UK in August (see wobble discography for full info).


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'. Guests include: Kenneth Bucchi, a criminologist and former CIA agent and author of 'Inside Job and CIA: Cocaine In America'.


It is announced the Martin Atkins, Jah Wobble, Geordie Walker and Chris Connelly collaboration will be called "The Damage Manual". Their debut EP 'One' will be released by Atkins' Invisible Records on April 25th.

A full-length album and "world tour" is planned to follow later in the year.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'. Guests include: Charles Lewis from Center for Public Integrity and George Getz, spokesperson for the Libertarian Party. Helen Wellington-Lloyd, best known from her appearance in the titles of 'The Swindle', also rings to say hello to John.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'. Guests include: private Investigator Dan Moldea, who is author of seven books and contributor to 'The Flint Report'.


ABC, 'Politically Incorrect', USA - John Lydon is a guest on the topical debate show for the second time. Other guests include John Henton, Kathy Ireland and Randy Tate.


After quitting Creation Records in 1999 Alan McGee announces his new record label will be called "Poptones" after the PiL track.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'. Guests include: Nick Gillespie, editor of 'Reason Magazine' and online columnist.


Channel 4, 'The Best of The Word' - John Lydon interview compilation from 1990 and 1992.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'. Guests include: Robert Sterling from konformist.com, and Noble Obani-Nwibari discussing Shell Oil in Nigeria.

MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer also calls John for a chat. After being asked by Kramer, John agrees to submit a previously unreleased track to a new compilation CD entitled 'Beyond Cyber Punk' which Kramer is involved with. Unfortunately with John being tied up with other projects his track isn't submitted and the CD is eventually released without it.

During their chat it is revealed that Kramer offered John his services while he was recording 'Psycho's Path', but John reluctantly declined because he didn't think it would fit in with the direction of the album.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'. Guests include: author Virginia Postrel and Steve Kretzman from amazonwatch.org.

After many requests John plays one of his previously unreleased solo "ditties". A short untitled instrumental techno track; which he describes as "one of my completely unfinished odds and sods…" The track is either a 'Psycho's Path' outtake or could possibly date from the covert "techno singles" which John had referred to in interviews. In his introduction he laughingly calls the track a "grungy old thing I did about 8 years ago…"


'Folk Roots' magazine - Lu Edmonds interview.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'. Guests include: David McKie from Live365.com, Tim Cavanaugh, editor of Suck.com and Arianna Hoffington, overthrowgov.com.

John plays a live version of 'Rise', recorded at one of his 1997 'Psycho's Path' live shows. Note: The track is neither recorded from LA, August 13th or Club Citta, September 25th.


'The Filth and The Fury!' - Sex Pistols & PiL fanzine (F&F #12). PiL related articles include Martin Atkins biography and Damage Manual preview, Jah Wobble: '30 Hertz Collection' review, plus Rotten TV and Rotten Radio features.


Comedy Central, 'The Daily Show', USA - John Lydon interview. As well as plugging 'The Filth and The Fury' film John also talks about 'Rotten Radio/TV'.


VH1, 'The Daily One', USA - John Lydon interview. More promo for 'TF&TF' and 'Rotten Radio/TV'.


'The Filth and the Fury' film opens at the Film Forum in New York. This is the film's commercial premiere. It will open in the rest of the USA throughout April; with a UK release in May. Fine Line Films who are distributing the film in the States launch the www.filthandfury.com website to promote the film (not to be confused with the F&F fanzine site).


Martin Atkins finally finishes mixing The Damage Manual tapes. Some tracks were originally recorded up to a year ago at Berwick street studios in London.


'Loaded Fashion' magazine - John Lydon interview and photoshoot by Dennis Morris. John is photographed in pyjamas and slippers; along with an accompanying Bunny Girl!


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'. Guests include: Malcolm Hathorn author of 'UFOs and Government Coverup', Larry Makason from opensecrets.org, and U'wa tribal leader Roberto Perez.

John mentions he has parted company with manager Eric Gardner and for the time being has decided to manage himself.


Episode 2 of 'Rotten Television' is broadcast on VH1, USA.

Life in front of – and behind – the media circus. John goes to the Sundance Film Festival; gets interviewed, and does some of his own brand of 'Attack hamster' interviewing. Read the F&F review here.


'Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn', USA - John Lydon interview.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'. Guests include: Greil Marcus author of 'Lipstick Traces', Danny Kennedy from 'Project Underground' and moles.org, Sean Gifford from P.E.T.A. and Emmett Plant writer for Slashdot.org.

John also plays a pre-1997 unreleased "Rough Mix" of 'Another Way' from 'Psycho's Path'.


ABC, 'Politically Incorrect', USA - John's second appearance on the show this year. Other guests include James Coburn, Michael Graham and Julia Butterfly Hill.


Jah Wobble's Deep Space release the album 'Beach Fervour Spare' on 30 Hertz (see wobble discography for full info).


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'. Guests include: Ian Angell author 'The New Barbarian Manifesto',
Robin Gross of 'Electronic Frontier Foundation' and eff.org, and solo performance artist Heather Woodbury.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'. Guests include: Malcolm Huffy from the 'Campaign Against Censorship of the Internet in Britain', Allan Clear from 'Harm Reduction Coalition', Cynthia Kuhn Professor of pharmacology and Carrie McLaren from 'Stay Free Magazine'.


The Damage Manual release their debut EP 'One'. The enhanced CD-ROM includes 5 studio tracks, plus 2 bonus remixes, behind-the-scenes video footage, photos and lyrics (see Damage Manual discography for full info). Read F&F review here.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.


'Time' magazine - John Lydon interview.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.


The return of Keith Levene to the public eye after being MIA for several years! Keith is a guest speaker at 'Rock Goes To College', the "Music Industry Day" at South East Essex College in Southend. Faithless guitarist Dave Randall is also a guest speaker at the event. With the help of multimedia lecturer Mike Sheehan Keith begins work on his own website later in the year…

MAY 10

'RadioSpy' website - Martin Atkins / Damage Manual interview.

MAY 10

'Choler' website - Martin Atkins / Damage Manual interview.

MAY 12

'The Filth and the Fury' film opens in London, and will begin running nationwide May 26th. The official UK 'Gala' premiere was held May 2nd at the Screen on the Green cinema in Islington. Where the Pistols had played 1976 and 1977.

MAY 13

eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.

MAY 18

It is announced The Damage Manual will begin touring in June. All four members are to appear, marking the first time Atkins and Wobble will be on stage together since PiL in 1980. The band will start with dates in the UK following onto North America (see Damage Manual Gig List for full info).

It's reported that on a recent trip to the Marshall factory, to inspect new gear for the forthcoming Damage Manual tour, Jah Wobble and Geordie Walker caused a bit of an upset with their "over indulgence in the volume stakes". Apparently for the first time ever in the history of Marshall the MD came out of his office to ask them to turn level down!

MAY 20

eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.

MAY 22

Jah Wobble & The Invaders of the Heart release the album 'Molam Dub' on 30 Hertz (see wobble discography for full info). The album is a collaboration with Molam Lao a group of exiled musicians from Laos, Asia. Read the F&F review here.

MAY 26

'Melody Maker' - John Lydon interview regarding the World Trade Organisation: "Within 20 years, there'll be no such idea as democracy. America runs the world. And America doesn't mean the US government…"

MAY 27

eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.

MAY 28

Jah Wobble & The Invaders of the Heart - Brighton Festival.
Bill Laswell and Ronnie Drew are special guests.


'Loaded' magazine - John Lydon interview. Not to be confused with the recent Dennis Morris photoshoot for 'Loaded Fashion'.


Speaking on 'Rotten Radio' John Lydon opens discussions with Penelope Spheeris to direct the film of his autobiography. Spheeris is director of cult movies such as 'Decline of Western Civilisation' and 'Suburbia', along with 'Wayne's World'.


'Free Williamsburg' website - Jah Wobble interview. He states that the Damage Manual album will be mixed by Bill Laswell instead of Martin Atkins.

Disputes over Atkins mixing of the album lead to Wobble's eventual departure from the project…


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.

JUNE 5 - 11

The Damage Manual play their first live dates. A seven date UK tour begins at Birmingham Foundry (see Damage Manual Gig List for full info). The set includes versions of 'Low Life', 'Poptones' and 'Careering'.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.


A press release from Invisible Records states that The Damage Manual US tour has been completely cancelled due to visa problems. The band were supposed to play 18 dates between June 13th - July 3rd (see Damage Manual Gig List for full info).

The working title for the band's album is 'Music To Be Murdered By' and will be released in September.


Former PiL bassist Pete Jones releases his first solo album 'Twisted'. Available mail-order only via his JabberJab website. The album features a cover of 'Blue Water'. Read the F&F review here.


'Melody Maker' - John Lydon "Psycho Babble" interview.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.


'The Guardian' - Damage Manual feature.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.


ABC Radio, Australia - John Lydon interview.


'The Mix Magazine' - Jah Wobble interview, plus CD featuring copyright free Jah Wobble samples; sounds, beats, breaks and vocals. "Keep it unreal…"


'Earpollution' website - Martin Atkins / Damage Manual interview.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.


'Virgin.net' website - Martin Atkins and Chris Connelly interview.


'The Filth and The Fury!' - Sex Pistols & PiL fanzine (F&F #13). Didn't realise at the time, but this would be the last issue of F&F… PiL related articles include Pete Jones interview , PiL Glasgow Apollo 1983, The Damage Manual live, Rotten TV 2, reviews of Wobble's 'Beach Fervour Spare' and 'Molam Dub', plus John Lydon Live in Japan Bootleg CD.


Speaking in F&F 13, via 'Rotten Radio', John Lydon reveals he has been in "heavy discussion" with VH1 to ensure 'Rotten TV' continues. He makes a point of stating that if it folds it's through no fault of his own; he definitely wants it to continue. He also voices his frustration that there are still no plans to broadcast the show on VH1 Europe. The show's website is also presently offline, but John hopes to take over the running of the site himself: "If you want a job done right..."


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.


It is announced that Keith Levene is working on a new musical project called MissingChannel. Keith tells Jason Gross – of 'Perfect Sound Forever' website – that the material is in the "spirit of his PiL and his solo work", and that it will "surely blow minds". Apparently Keith is really happy and motivated about the project and is looking to put a lot of material online; via the MissingChannel.com website which he is set to launch later in the year...

Jason Gross especially tracked down Levene earlier in the year and persuaded him to talk to 'Perfect Sound Forever'. Work started on an interview in April and it is hoped to have it online in the near future. However, the interview becomes so extensive that it will actually be early 2001 before it is posted.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.


'London Evening Standard' - Jah Wobble interview.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.


'E-Music.com' website - Jah Wobble webchat.


it is announced that John Lydon will be attending the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles in August. John will be covering the proceedings for eYada.com and 'Rotten TV'. "I'll be on the offense and the defence, but I will never sit on the fence."

John already attended the Libertarian Party Convention; and also covers the forthcoming Republican Party Convention. Recent guests on 'Rotten Radio' have included self-styled political troublemaker Arianna Huffington; Libertarian Presidential candidate Harry Brown; and Charles Lewis, founder of the Center of Public Integrity.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.


John Lydon filming for 'Rotten TV' at the Republican Party Convention in Philadelphia. John manages to equally upset the Republicans and the protestors!


'Salon.com' website - Report on the protests at the Republican Party Convention with quotes from John Lydon.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.


John Lydon filming for 'Rotten TV' at the Reform Party Convention, Long Beach, Los Angeles.


eYada.com - 'Rotten Radio'.


'Rotten Politics' on eYada.com. In a special edition of 'Rotten Radio' John broadcasts live from the Democratic Party Convention in Los Angeles.

This is the last 'new' edition of 'Rotten Radio' transmitted. After the successful 'Rotten Politics' feature's John wanted to move the show up a gear, but due to budget restrictions eYada were unable fund it. Money and promotion problems plagued the station's short life and eventually led to its demise in July 2001.

eYada continue to rerun archive 'Rotten Radio' shows until mid September.


'BBC News' website - John Lydon interviewed at Democratic Party Convention.


Eagle Records release Jah Wobble: '30 Hertz'. A compilation of 30 Hertz material from the past three years. This release is completely different to the Meta Records release in the USA earlier this year (see wobble discography for full info).


Jah Wobble severs all ties with The Damage Manual. Martin Atkins mixing of the forthcoming album is the catalyst for his departure; along with the proposed US Tour scheduling. However, personal and musical disputes between the two have been simmering for sometime. Wobble decides he just doesn't need the hassle.

Before leaving Wobble had insisted Bill Laswell was brought into mix several of the tracks. Laswell reportedly stated that Atkins original mixes were in the worst state he has ever had to work with. Speaking about the disputes over mixing, Martin Atkins later commented: "Wobble and Geordie were going to kill me… There's a mix of 'Stateless' on the album called 'Delusional Mix' because Geordie came to my house and called me delusional because of my choice of tracks and mixes for the EP. I went down to my studio and mixed 'Stateless' and called it 'Delusional Mix'…"


'Outburn' magazine - Damage Manual interview.


'The Damage Manual' album is released on Invisible Records (see Damage Manual discography for full info). Several remixes are added, including the disputed Bill Laswell mixes. The album is not as warmly received as the EP.

Martin Atkins: "The problem with the album is that Wobble and Geordie insisted that Bill Laswell mix the tracks. Then insisted the mixes went on the album even though I thought they were crap and long winded. They wouldn't tour unless those tracks went on. So I put them on, and that was the end for me, I just thought the record was too long…"


BBC World Service, 'Outlook' - John Lydon interview.


'St. Cloud Times', Minnesota - John Lydon interview.


Jah Wobble at Intimate Studios, London, recording the 'Passage To Hades' album with Evan Parker.


ABC, 'Politically Incorrect', USA - John's third appearance on the show this year. Other guests include Bill Engvall, Melissa Moskal and Bruce Davison.


A no-nonsense press release from 30 Hertz Records states that Jah Wobble left The Damage Manual several weeks ago and will have no part in their forthcoming US Tour.

30 Hertz: "We are informed that Jah Wobble features on posters and publicity for the forthcoming Damage Manual shows. This concerns us as, several weeks ago, Jah Wobble specifically stated to Martin Atkins at Invisible Records that he would under no circumstances be touring with Damage Manual at any time. He also told Martin that his name (Jah Wobble ) was not to be used in publicity for any forthcoming shows. This was fully understood and acknowledged by Invisible Records. We hope that this mistake will be rectified. "


The first Damage Manual rehearsal with bassist Charles Levi; who is to be Wobble's replacement for the upcoming US tour.

OCTOBER 19 - 26

The Damage Manual play 8 dates in the US. Planned dates in the UK and Europe for December are later cancelled (see Damage Manual Gig List for full info).


The Damage Manual - CMJ Festival, New York, USA
Among the other artists on the bill is Ari Up of the Slits. Nora Forster is in the crowd to see Ari. She reportedly tells fans John was thinking of attending but decided to stay in the hotel instead!


The Damage Manual - Chicago, The Double Door, USA
Special Invisible Records Night, with Meg Lee Chin and Attrition.


The third episode of 'Rotten Television' is broadcast on VH1 USA.

Election Special. Mr Rotten visits the Republican and Democrat Party conventions! A behind-the-scenes look at the hypocrisy and fake showbiz glam of American politics, but with an important message: Make your voice heard!

This turns out to be the last episode of 'Rotten TV' for VH1. Of a planned series of 7 only 3 were completed before VH1 and Mr Rotten decided they were no longer suited. Pity, because things were really beginning to get interesting...


John Lydon attends the French premiere of 'The Filth and the Fury' at Paris, Max Linder Panorama. Julien Temple is also in attendance.


'Top Bab', France - John Lydon interview, plus favourite music.


'Nulle Part Ailleurs', France - John Lydon interview.

'Exclusif', France - John Lydon interview.

'ARTE', France - John Lydon interview.

'Tout le monde en parle', France - John Lydon interview, plus Q&A.


Jah Wobble re-releases his 1996 album 'The Inspiration of William Blake' on 30 Hertz (see wobble discography for full info).


Former PiL bassist Pete Jones releases an exclusive new track 'It's Fucking Christmas' via his JabberJab website.


The Damage Manual 8 date UK tour is cancelled (see Damage Manual Gig List for full info).


Rumours continue to circulate that the Sex Pistols are to play at 'Revolution' – a special event also featuring Primal Scream and The Chemical Brothers – on New Year's Eve at Alexandra Palace in London. John Lydon has already shot down rumours that the band will be appearing…



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