1995 Chronology

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Channel 4, 'Best of the Tube'. Footage of PiL performing 'This is Not a Love Song' from 1983. Ironic that probably the worst ever PiL performance can be included on a 'best of ' show…


'Music News of the World' report that John Lydon met ex-MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer at a party in Los Angeles. Apparently Kramer offers to play guitar on Lydon's forthcoming solo album. It is also reported that Lydon has agreed to appear in a forthcoming documentary about the MC5. The solo album collaboration does not happen, as Lydon feels he wants a different approach of the album. When the MC5 documentary finally surfaces many years later, John Lydon is not involved.


BBC 2, 'Arena' - 'Punk & the Pistols' extensive Sex Pistols documentary featuring an interview with John Lydon.


As Lydon predicted late last year, he re-signs to Virgin Records. However, no release date is set for his solo album. Apparently, the resigning came about after a chance meeting with EMI's President Ken Berry on a transatlantic Virgin Airways flight.


'Ben is Dead' zine - John Lydon interview. This interview with the Californian fanzine is one of the few he conducts this year.

Speaking of his forthcoming solo album John confesses: "Frankly, I've gotten rather bored with the way PiL's been going the last couple of years, because I think it's not us that've changed, it's just alternative music [has] sort've caught up… If I listen to practically anything on alternative radio I can hear a Public Image influence, spanning some ten albums, all incredibly different from each other. But quite frankly, for a year now, I'd rather make a solo record, and then go back to PiL, which is what we're all doing. Dusting out some cobwebs, as they say."


John Lydon's 'Rotten Day' radio segment begins syndication on various stations throughout the US. The show is a daily 'diary' of rock n roll events, given the Rotten treatment... "Johnny's version of history... It never sounded so good!"

The 2 minute show is loosely based on George Gimarc's 'Punk Diary' books, and is scripted by George Gimarc & John Lydon. Lydon was approached to host the show by the Album Network. Batches of the shows are recorded at a studio in San Diego.

Lydon commented: "I did this show because I thought it would be a bit of a laugh, messing about with the bare-faced realities of some of these so-called 'alternative rock ,gods'… Our show is, literally, a diary of events. The most effort that goes into it is the actual scripting, because we have to be accurate. Otherwise, people jump all over us. It can't be just a bunch of hearsay and innuendo.… You can't play with truth!"

The show will run weekdays till February 1997 and builds up a loyal following. Read some 'Rotten Day' quotes here.


'The Wire' magazine - Jah Wobble interview.


The release of 'Spinner', a collaboration between Brian Eno and Jah Wobble (see wobble discography for full info).

The album started as Eno's soundtrack to Derek Jarman's last film 'Glitterbug'(1994). Eno then gave the tapes to Wobble to rework for an album release. Which was completed by June/July. Brian Eno: "Jah got the stereo tapes from me, meaning that he couldn't take them apart in any way... So he got those pieces, 19 altogether, and just worked on top of them - or didn't... So the thing was really completely in two stages: me, then him."


The release of Leftfield - 'Leftism'. The album features 'Open up' and peaks at number 3 in the UK charts (see Lydon discography for full info).


John Lydon is among other celebrities at a VIP party given by David Bowie in Los Angeles.


Jah Wobble releases the album 'Heaven & Earth' (see wobble discography for full info). Produced by Bill Laswell the album is mostly instrumental and is a far less commercial and low-key release than 'Take Me To God'.

This will be the last album Wobble records for Island Records before deciding to start his own 30 Hertz label.


Pigface play their fist ever UK show at London, The Grand.


Rumours circulate that the Sex Pistols are in talks about playing a one-off tour in 1996. The reports say there is a "strong possibility" it will happen, and the band are already in talks with promoters…



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