2007 Chronology

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January 7

BBC Radio Lancashire, 'On The Wire' reports Jah Wobble – and his wife Zi Lan – have been commissioned to compose material for the Liverpool 'City of Culture' event in 2008. 'On the Wire' describe it as a "chinese dub thing".

January 14

BBC1, 'Meaning of Life' - John Lydon interview.

January 18

Jah Wobble confirms he is in talks to contribute to the Liverpool 'City of Culture' event in 2008. Discussions are still at a preliminary stage but Wobble hopes to compose some material and possibly play some live shows.


A bootleg CD entitled 'Playing in a Dishpan: The Other Side of Live in Tokyo' is released in Japan. The disc is recorded at Tokyo, Nakano Sun Plaza, July 2nd 1983. This was one of the two live gigs used for the official 'Live in Tokyo' album. Until now it had never been released in its entirety (Note: the full previous night's show was used as the video release). (see Bootleg Discography for more info).

January 31

JohnLydon.Com reports John Lydon will have a hand in this years Bodog Music 'Battle of the Bands'. A televised search throughout North America for the best unsigned bands – performing their own material – in order to win a record deal with Bodog Records. John will be a judge along with Billy Duffy (The Cult) and singer Bif Naked.

February 3

Pete Jones releases the fifth and final track of his 'Diamonds and Barricades' download EP via his MySpace. All tracks are free and come with worldwide license "to do whatever takes your fancy!"

February 24

The Baker County Standard, Florida reports John Lydon attended the recent Olustee Reenactment. The article mentions: "Rotten Productions, Mr. Lydon's production company, attended the reenactment as part of a six series production that Mr. Lydon is filming of events around the United States."

Lydon later confirms via JL.Com he is also filming his own series 'Rotten Loves America' at the same time as recording the forthcoming 'Battle of the Bands' series with Bodog.

March 1

Martin Atkins publishes 'Tour:Smart' a bi-weekly blog "on touring and all things related" for SuicideGirls.com.

March 9

102.1 The Edge, Canada - John Lydon interview. A two part video clip of the interview is later posted on The Edge website.

March 19

Jah Wobble releases 'Heart And Soul'. This is his second studio album for Trojan Records, following the release of 'Mu' in 2005. The 17 track album is completely self-composed, produced and engineered by Wobble and is preceded by the download-only single 'Sweetest Feeling' on March 12th (see Wobble Discography for full info). Read the Fodderstompf review here.

March 15

JohnLydon.Com has further updates on the recording of this years Bodog 'Battle of the Bands': "Anyone who has enough guts to stand up on a stage and perform original art deserves our respect and approval."

March 17

CBC, Canada, Radio 3, 'Saturday Night Show' - John Lydon interview.

March 19

CBC TV, Canada,'The Hour' - John Lydon interview.


Q Magazine votes John Lydon #16 in its '100 Greatest Singers. Their '1000 Greatest Songs' includes PiL's 'This Is Not a Love Song', 'Solitaire', 'The Pardon' and 'Rise'; as well as Leftfield Lydon 'Open Up' and Pistols songs.

March 30

Jah Wobble - London, Cargo. Album launch show for 'Heart and Soul.


ChartAttack.Com - John Lydon interview.

April 26

Jeannette Lee appears with Don Letts at the 'South West Sound' music convention in Bristol. They deliver the 'Music Industry Uncovered' Keynote Speech; which essentially saw Don interview Jeannette about her involvement in the music industry, from PiL right through to the present day with Rough Trade. This is one of the very few times Jeannette has publicly talked about PiL. A full transcript of the interview is available as a PDF download via the SWS07 website.

May 18

A new interview with Keith Levene appears in Julien Temple's documentary film about Joe Strummer 'The Future is Unwritten'. Keith only appears in a few short snippets, but at least he hasn't been wiped from existence; like the previous Don Letts Clash film… Richard Dudanski also appears in the film.

May 25

BBC1 'Ten O'Clock News' - John Lydon interview. John is interviewed 30 years to the day 'GSTQ' was released.

June 2

BBC's '7 Ages Of Rock' - John Lydon interview. Speaking about the move onto PiL from the Pistols Lydon comments: "I love the idea of just going into things without any rules at all. Go into much madder sounds; infinite variety of textures. Tones. Drones. Caterwauls… Experiment."


'Rolling Stone' - John Lydon interview. The interview was actually conducted in February the previous year to cover the Pistols refusal to attend the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame but was dropped until now. In the article Lydon comments Virgin gave up on PiL due to the imitators they signed instead. He also says at present no record company seems interested in his new solo work…

June 2

BBC World Service - 'Jah Wobble's Mystical Musical Tour' (aka Heart and Soul). Two part radio series presented and scripted by Wobble investigating the connection between music, religion and spirituality.

June 4-7

Jah Wobble is 'Artist in residence' on John Kennedy's XFM 'Exposure' radio show this week. A pre-recorded live session is broadcast along with an interview.

June 9

BBC World Service - 'Jah Wobble's Mystical Musical Tour' radio series concludes.


GearWire.com - Pete Jones interview.

June 8

Talksport, Ian Wright - John Lydon interview and phone-in. When asked by a fan regarding any return of PiL, Lydon states "anything was possible…" However, he adds that if he does go out with PiL it would most likely be with a new line-up and new material…

June 13

JohnLydon.Com pours scorn on reports in the Daily Mirror June 8th, that John Lydon is about to release a "reggae" album. Talking about his musical influences recently on Ian Wright's Talksport radio show Lydon commented: "I love reggae to death but that don't mean I'm gonna pump out endless white-boy reggae beats. It would sound a bit hokey dokey wouldn't it…”

June 17

Sunday Mirror - John Lydon interview.

June 20

The Independent on Sunday - Jah Wobble reviews the latest effort on Sid Vicious: 'No One is Innocent'.

June 25

BBC 6 Music, '7 Ages Of Rock'- John Lydon interview. Radio version of the TV series, featuring interview material not included in the TV broadcasts.


Mojo Magazine. Jah Wobble pens an article on the 1967 album 'Call of the Valley' by Indian classical musician Pandit Shivkumar Sharma.


Uncut Magazine - John Lydon interview. Lydon dismisses (Rip It Up And Start Again author) Simon Reynolds argument that PiL were a more important band than the Pistols: "Whoever Simon Reynolds is, he's wrong. He has no knowledge of what happened back then and he dares compare one aspect of my life to another… The Pistols were as important to me as when I fell out of the pram and learned to walk."

July 2

JohnLydon.Com - John Lydon interview. The interview reveals the truth behind the recent – or not so recent as the case may be – Rolling Stone interview; and previews the 'Bodog: Battle of the Bands' series. He also speaks publicly for the first time about his proposed 'Rotten Loves America' TV series: "I'm trying to work on a six part series and we'll see if that comes off or not. Certainly, if it doesn't, it won't be because of a lack of ideas on our behalf…"

July 8

'Bodog: Battle of the Bands'. Part one of the series premiers on Fuse TV. 'Battle of the Bands' is a televised search throughout North America for the best unsigned bands – performing their own material – in order to win a record deal with Bodog Records. John is a judge along with Billy Duffy (The Cult) and singer Bif Naked. The show is also broadcast online via the Bodog website.


Martin Atkins Tour:Smart is published via his own imprint Smart Books, available via Underground Inc. The 592 page book centres on "the business of touring" and looks at "everything from booking and transportation, to contracts, radio, and sex on the road!" Full publication will follow in September / October. Read Fodderstompf review here

July 25

Keith Levene plays his first live show in over 20 years at the Bouga Cocktail Lounge in London. Keith appeared at 'Moroccan Mirage'; a charity event in aid of The Peter Tatchell Human Rights Fund.

July 29

Jah Wobble reviews The Cult of the Amateur: How Today's Internet Is Killing Our Culture by Andrew Keen.

July 29

Tom Snyder, aged 71, dies from complications associated with leukaemia. Tom is probably best known to PiL fans through his infamous interview with John Lydon and Keith Levene on 'The Tomorrow Show', June 27th 1980. A transcription of the legendary 'Tomorrow Show' interview can be found in the Fodderstompf archives. John Lydon's 1997 interview with Tom for the 'Late Late Show' can also be found on JohnLydon.Com.

July 31

Contact Music - Keith Levene pays tribute to the late Tom Snyder.


Punk memorabilia website ViciousRiff.Com publish a handwritten letter (circa 1978/79) from John Lydon to a fan that's asking him advice on Reggae. Lydon draws an extensive two page list of reggae artists he recommends. Read the accompanying Fodderstompf article here…

August 5

(somewhat bizarrely) The Sunday People reports Keith Levene is dating "glamour model, Alicia Douvall, 27" and had an altercation with her former boyfriend ex-soap actor Dean Gaffne. "Alicia was telling Dean to get off the dole, and get a proper job… Keith joined in the argument and told Dean to get lost - he scurried off looking really embarrassed."

Pictures of the "couple" later appear on internet celebrity gossip sites. Other small stories on Levene's re-invented public image surface around this time.

August 23

Fox News, 'Red Eye' - John Lydon interview. Other guests include: Fox News producer Anna Gilligan, WWE Wrestler Rey Mysteria, comedian Jon Laster and author Neal Pollack.

August 23

Indie 103.1 FM, Joe Escalante morning show - John Lydon interview.

August 23

KROQ, Loveline - John Lydon interview and phone-in.

August 28

Fox Sports, 'Fox Football Fone-In' - John Lydon interview. John talks Arsenal.


Publication of Phil Strongman's – much delayed and much re-written – unauthorised PiL book 'Metal Box: Stories from John Lydon's Public Image Limited'. Despite the title, John Lydon wasn't interviewed for the book, but the likes of Jah Wobble, Keith Levene, Martin Atkins, Jim Walker appear. Read full Fodderstompf review here

September 1

OK Magazine - John Lydon interview.

September 3

Wired.Com - John Lydon interview. Includes this nugget regarding the internet: "I have one major problem with the internet: It's full of liars. There doesn't seem to be any way to answer to people lying about you. Some are good-natured -- mostly it isn't. Mostly it's vicious rumor, gossip and innuendo. I think that's a downscaling of humanity, and we're suffering because of it. It's a terrible thing to see your whole life altered before your very eyes on this stupid, ridiculous, electronic screen…"

September 4

Los Angeles Daily News - John Lydon interview.

September 5

The 'Bodog: Battle of the Bands' Final is broadcast live from the Los Angeles, House of Blues. Seattle band Fall from Grace win.

September 7

AOL Music / Spinner - John Lydon interview.


Martin Atkins' Tour:Smart book gets a 4 star review in Mojo magazine. Kris Needs describes it as "The ultimate touring manual" and adds "This incredibly detailed work by former PiL drummer Martin Atkins tackles every conceivable aspect of getting the show on the road in a highly readable style."


Current TV - John Lydon interview. The interview is broken into segments and also posted online.

September 15

LA Weekly - John Lydon interview. He again mentions work on "Rotten Loves America…"

September 18

It is announced the Sex Pistols will play a one-off gig at London, Brixton Academy in November. Demand is so high an extra 4 dates are added; along with arena shows in Manchester and Glasgow.

Limited edition vinyl replicas of 'Never Mind The Bollocks' – and the Pistols first 4 singles – are also to be issued throughout October by Virgin Records to celebrate their 30th Anniversary.

September 21

Virgin Radio, Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show - John Lydon interview.

September 21

BBC Radio 6 Music, Shaun Keaveny Breakfast Show - John Lydon interview. John announces the Pistols November shows will be named 'Holidays in the Sun'.

September 24

JohnLydon.Com - John Lydon interview. Lydon reveals the Sex Pistols have re-recorded 'Anarchy in the UK' and 'Pretty Vacant' for use in the Guitar Hero III - Legends of Rock video game. He also quashes the Daily Mirror rumour of a John Lydon reggae album: "Well, the thing is, I'm always recording new songs at home. Always. But don't guess what I'm doing, wait till I'm ready to tell you. Yet again, press articles come out and no one asks me anything. That photo [in The Daily Mirror] was taken as I was standing on a street corner with Chris Thomas; waiting for Paul Cook to pick us up! (laughs)…"

September 27

Indie 103.1 FM, Joe Escalante Morning Show - John Lydon interview. It is announced that the Pistols will play a free warm-up show at the LA, Roxy, October 25th. Tickets are only available via competitions on Indie 103.1 FM.


Spin Magazine - John Lydon interview. "Oh happy days, you've got the Sex Pistols in November. Please plan your vacations accordingly."


Q Magazine - John Lydon interview. 21st Anniversary issue. The interview was conducted back in June as part of Q's '21 people Who Changed Music'.

October 5

The Sun, 'Something For The Weekend' - John Lydon interview.

October 5

Manchester Evening News - John Lydon interview.

October 9

Bret Saunders, KBCO Morning Show - John Lydon interview.

October 11

JohnLydon.Com "Bollocks Section" comments on press reports linking John Lydon and PiL to FiL (Fulham Investments Limited) and their use of a PiL-style logo. "Fake Image Limited"

October 14

MTV.Com - John Lydon interview. When asked about PiL he states: "Public Image Ltd is only what I want it to be, so as long as I'm in it, it's consistent… I'm in the middle of a solo album at the moment, which I'm putting together myself, and I can't give you any release date because, indeed, I don't have a label to release it on as of yet. It's now up to about 12 songs, and I've been working on it on and off for a while…"

October 24

Orange County Register - John Lydon interview.

October 30

NBC, 'The Tonight Show With Jay Leno' - Sex Pistols perform 'Anarchy in the UK' live.

October 31

CBS, 'The Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson' - John Lydon and Steve Jones interview, plus 'Pretty Vacant' live in the studio.

October 31

Frieze Magazine features an article on PiL by Rip It Up And Start Again author Simon Reynolds. The article is a split retrospective feature on 'Metal Box' and the recent unauthorised PiL book.


LA City Beat - John Lydon interview.

November 6

The Telegraph - John Lydon interview.

November 7

John Lydon - 'Guitar Hero III' press conference in the Hoxton Square Bar, Shoreditch, London. John speaks of the forthcoming Pistols shows and re-recording tracks for use in the video game.

November 7

ITV, 'London Tonight' - John Lydon interview.

November 8

Sex Pistols - Brixton, Academy. The first of five special shows in London to celebrate the 30th anniversary of 'Never Mind The Bollocks'. The Pistols encore with a reworked version of 'Belsen Was a Gas' entitled 'Baghdad Was a Blast', which features a '4 Enclosed Walls' style 'Allah' chorus.

The November 10th show sees John Lydon wearing a rather fetching yellow PiL T-shirt (circa '9' tour). This performance is recorded on the 'There'll Always Be An England' DVD, released in June 2008. The extras also include footage of the Pistols rehearsing the above mentioned reworking.

December 6

Virgin Radio, Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show - John Lydon interview. John confirms the Pistols will headline the 2008 Isle of Wight Festival. More summer dates are to follow… JohnLydon.Com states: There's a difference between things being announced, and things being confirmed. i's have to be dotted, and t's need to be crossed. Now they are. Stay tuned…

December 9

Details website - John Lydon interview.

December 10

The long awaited NIC (Necessary Intergalactic Cooperation) album featuring Keith Levene is released via Malicious Damage Records. The album was recorded in Spring 2006 at Ted Parsons studio in Norway. A limited edition (500) 7 track 12" vinyl version of the album is also available. Read Fodderstompf review here…


Uncut Magazine - John Lydon 'Readers Questions' interview. PiL feature quite heavily throughout with questions about Keith Levene, John McGeoch and the possibility of PiL gigs: "There's only 2 people I really respect out of the PiL era - one is Jah Wobble, the other is Lu Edmonds. Those two are diamonds. The others, well…"


Jah Wobble's 30 Hertz website post preview clips of the forthcoming 'Chinese Dub' project for the Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008. The show will make its debut at Liverpool, Carling Academy, July 5th 2008. A CD release is also set to follow.

30 Hertz: "The performance will be a fusion of dub music and Chinese melodies and instrumentation. The instrumentation will be: bass, drums, Guzheng, bamboo flute, the gourd pipe of Yunnan province. Jah Wobble would also like to utilise the voice of Wang Jingqi, a singer from the Mao ethnic minority of China. During the performance, we hope there will be various Chinese arts form (dance and Sichuan opera's specialty)."


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