2001 Chronology

Research by Karsten Roekens and Scott M, plus contributors…



Channel 4, '100 Greatest TV Moments from Hell' - includes clips of PiL from 'Check It Out' 1979, and John Lydon on 'Juke Box Jury'.


TalkSport, 'Nicky Horne Show'. John Lydon interview and phone in; live from LA.


'The Wire' - Jah Wobble essay / interview about his musical influences.


'Perfect Sound Forever'

PSF's Jason Gross had especially tracked down Levene in early 2000 and persuaded him to end his self-imposed silence by talking to the online magazine. The resulting interview was so extensive that it was divided into 4 parts. This first installment covers Levene's early days, including his thoughts on punk and his time in The Clash.


The launch of Keith Levene's MissingChannel.com website. At present the site only features one page playing a short instrumental intro-clip. Keith plans to release new material via the site; and hopes to expand it in the near future. Speaking to Jason Gross Levene says his new material is in the "spirit of his PiL and his solo work", and that it will "surely blow minds".

The intro music clip –  'Final Eyeball - Heard You Were Ded!' –  is the first Keith Levene material made available to the public since his 1989 'Violent Opposition' album. The track is still unreleased in full.


Jah Wobble - London Purcell Rooms. Wobble is a guest at a William Blake tribute show held to mark the finale of a Blake exhibition at the Tate Gallery.


It is announced that the Fodderstompf.com and TheFilthandtheFury.co.uk websites are to merge: F&Fodderstompf is born!


Jah Wobble releases the album 'Passage to Hades' on 30 Hertz (see wobble discography for full info). The album is a collaboration with acclaimed saxophonist Evan Parker.


John Lydon tells Fodderstompf he is working on a new solo album at his own Rotten Studios. Work is still in the early stages, but the plan is to eventually release the album himself via the internet, with no record company involvement.

Continuing the self-efficiency theme, once the album is completed John wants to tour as a solo artist using his “magic box". A piece of electronic musical gadgetry that in his words "sounds like a band, not a machine…"

John also confirms that 'Rotten TV' has been scrapped; for the time being at least. As far back as July 2000 he had made a point of stating he had been in "heavy discussion" with VH1 to ensure the show continued; and that if it folded it was through no fault of his own. Ultimately he realised that VH1 wanted different things from the show; and they were no longer going in the same direction.

John says that the show may possibly return on a different network, although nothing is definite. He also says that he would like to reprise 'Rotten Radio' on another network; and had been approached about doing some political reporting for the BBC World Service.


Release of 'The Best of Pigface' - 'Preaching to the Perverted' (INV200). A 2 CD set featuring one disc of Pigface tracks chosen by fans; and a second disc featuring a mixture of previously unreleased, lost, or live tracks.


'Hollywood Vice Squad', the 1986 movie – directed by Penelope Spheeris – to which Keith Levene contributed parts of the score is released on video and DVD.


'iMag' website - Jah Wobble interview.


ABC, 'Politically Incorrect', USA - John Lydon's fifth appearance on the show. Other guests include Molly Sims, Kirby Wilbur and Joshua Redman.


Jah Wobble - London, Queen Elizabeth Hall. 'The Wire Sessions Live: Low End Therapy'.
Special event by 'The Wire' magazine featuring Wobble, along with Evan Parker, Jaki Liebezeit, Burnt Friedmam, and others.


Channel 4, 'Top Ten: X Rated'. Rundown of the best banned records presented by John Lydon. The show features the likes of NWA, Madonna, Frankie Goes to Hollywood – and of course – the Sex Pistols... 'God Save the Queen' is voted number 1.


John Lydon records two pilots for US TV: 'Bad News Mr Swanson' and 'A Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star'. Which for varying reasons do not go further…

'Bad News Mr Swanson' is centred on a character with terminal cancer who decides to actually start living when he finds out he is dying. John is cast as "Death" a beer drinking, plain-talking, Grim Reaper who visits the dying man. Although testing well, the FX network decide to postpone – then ultimately cancel – the show as Fox TV executives feel its controversial subject matter would be too negative for US viewers at the time.

'A Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star' is a US remake of a UK series about an aspiring rock band. John played the father of the main character, described as: "a heavy metal Dad"! After recording of the series is delayed, the character is recast by Michael des Barres. The show eventually airs on the WB network the following year as 'My Guide to Being a Rock Star'.


'Perfect Sound Forever' website - Keith Levene interview. Part 2. This installment centres on the early days of PiL.

APRIL 16-22

Independent Film Channel, 'Cult Film Festival' April 16-22 - hosted by John Lydon. John (and Rambo) host the 'Cult Film Festival': a week long tribute to films and filmmakers of 'over-the-top and underground cinema'. Films featured include: 'Repo Man', 'Whitnail and I', 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre', 'Time Bandits' and 'Blue Velvet'.


Jah Wobble's Deep Space - Preston's Guild Hall, UK
"Relocating the Sacred in Contemporary Performance Practice" conference. Genesis P Orridge and Thee Majesty are also on the bill. Wobble and Genesis will also be taking part in a talk/discussion earlier in the day.


Radio 3, 'Mixing it' - Jah Wobble & Deep Space transmitted live from London, Hackney, Ocean 2.


Jah Wobble is approached by The Arts Council of England to put together a live band for a one-off tour later in the year. He enlists Harold Budd (Piano), Bill Laswell (Bass and Electronics), Jaki Liebezeit (Drums), Graham Haynes (Cornet); and will also play bass himself. "Jah Wobble's Solaris" will tour the UK in October.


'Mao' magazine - John Lydon interview.


Jah Wobble & Deep Space begin a 7 date US tour at San Francisco, Great American Music Hall (see Wobble Gig List for Full Info). Bill Laswell is a guest at the New York, Knitting Factory shows.


Keith Levene's MissingChannel.com website is still being developed, but now features some new pictures of Keith, plus a couple of downloadable 'Commercial Zone' tracks.

Keith is continuing to work on new material, and is also in the process of putting together a band. He tells Fodderstompf he hopes to release a record later in year; and is speaking to various labels.


One time (if only briefly) PiL guitarist, Steve New releases his first solo album 'Here Comes Everybody' credited to "The New". The largely instrumental album – released via Alan McGee's Poptones Records – is described by Steve as his "jazz album"; and features a mixture of electronic noise, rock, psychedelic; dance and punk.

JUNE 1-3

Jah Wobble - 'World Festival Of Sacred Music', Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima Island, Japan.
Wobble performs on all three days.


It is reported that a script for the movie based on John Lydon's autobiography is in circulation. The script – written by English scriptwriter Jeremy Drysdale  – was commissioned by Rhino Films, who signed a deal back in 1998 to develop the film.

This script is completely rejected by John Lydon.


Jah Wobble's Deep Space release the live album 'Largely Live in Hartlepool and Manchester' on 30 Hertz (see wobble discography for full info). The double CD was recorded live at Manchester, Band On The Wall and Hartlepool, The Studio the previous year.


'FilmFour' website - John Lydon webchat for the the UK satellite and digital premiere of the 'The Filth and the Fury' on FilmFour's film channel.

The 30 minute "chat" is heavily over-subscribed, and unfortunately the majority of questions are moronic. However, John again states his intention that any new solo material will be released via the internet.


'Perfect Sound Forever' website - Keith Levene interview. Part 3. This installment centres on the 'Flowers of Romance' and 'Commercial Zone' period...


The relaunch of Fodderstompf.com "Fodderstompf.com has half-arsed about for long enough, it's about time things got serious... " Although originally planned as a 'merger' between F&F and Fodderstompf; Fodderstompf founder M leaves due to illness before the site is relaunched.


Fodderstompf.com - Ted Chau interview. PiL guitarist and keyboard player, live 1989 and 1992.

Ted has a new band Candyheads (formerly Tantric) who are currently playing live throughout the UK; and intend to release an album by the end of the year.


Channel 4, 'Hello Culture' - John Lydon interview. Arts show exploring modern culture. This edition takes a look at Nihilism. Speaking of other peoples perception of him and his music John comments: "Don't tell me what I am – ask me…"

In the background of John's interview an unknown dance tune samples "Allah" from 'Four Enclosed Walls'. Does anybody know what it is? It's not Westbam…


The release of 'Our Band Could Be Your Life - Scenes From The American Indie Underground 1981-1991' by Michael Azerrad. The book contains various stories by bitter punx who supported PiL in the eighties "complete assholes!".


Rumours circulate of John Lydon solo shows in the UK in August or September. Apparently, preliminary talks were held but nothing was ever agreed.

Rumours are also quashed about a possible special anniversary edition re-issue of 'Metal Box' in August by Virgin Records.


ABC, 'Politically Incorrect', USA - John's second appearance on the show this year. Other guests include Maggie Gallagher, Kevin Griffin and John Cameron Mitchell. The show's caption give John's title as "Rock Archaeologist".


'Front' magazine - John Lydon interview.


'Defiant Pose' fanzine - Keith Levene interview.


'Perfect Sound Forever' website - Keith Levene interview. Part 4. In the fourth and final installment Keith finishes off the PiL story, and reveals some of his plans for the future; including details of his latest project MissingChannel.


'No Future' Punk conference at Wolverhampton University (no really, it's true). Senior Lecturer Sean Albiez writes an essay / abstract on John Lydon and PiL! 'Know History!: John Lydon cultural capital and the prog/punk dialectic'. The article (favourably) argues Lydon's effect in shaping popular culture; as well as discussing the relationship between prog rock, punk and post-punk.

The essay is later updated and republished in 2003 by Cambridge Press: Popular Music Vol. 22/3.


Jah Wobble releases 'The Early Years'. A 2 CD compilation of rare eighties material, including the much sought after 'Bedroom Album' (see wobble discography for full info).

There were also plans for 30 Hertz to re-issue the Human Condition. With Wobble and Jim Walker even agreeing to record some new tracks for the set. However, after much toing and froing the collaboration doesn't happen. Wobble eventually becomes frustrated and pulls the plug on plans for the re-issue altogether.


Keith Levene tells Fodderstompf he is working on a selection of new tracks for his Missing Channel and Murder Global projects. Although Keith is solely in charge of the new material – including writing, playing and producing – he has been collaborating with friend Dan Hyams; who has been providing bass and input on some tracks. Tracks currently in production include 'Element B' and 'PiLlesS'.


A BBC 'Old Grey Whistle Test' compilation DVD is released including PiL's live performance of 'Careering' from May 5th 1980 (see DVD discography for full info).


Jah Wobble & Bill Laswell's release their collaboration 'A Dub Transmission' on Laswell's Axiom Records (see wobble discography for full info).


Fodderstompf.com - Jim Walker interview. PiL drummer and founder member; circa 1978 - early '79.


John Lydon is allegedly scheduled to speak at the 'In The City' music business convention in Manchester (at the Midland Crowne Plaza Hotel). However, he has already decided to pull out the event after being let down by Tony Wilson. Although Wilson knows John has not confirmed his appearance ITC still publicise that he will appear…

Jah Wobble appeared at a ITC discussion panel on September 30th.


'Year Zero' magazine - John Lydon interview. Current affairs and politics magazine. The interview is an extended version of the August interview from 'Front' magazine.


'Shriekback.com' website - Lu Edmonds interview.


Jah Wobble's Solaris – featuring Jah Wobble (bass), along with Bill Laswell (Bass and Electronics) , Jaki Liebezeit (Drums), Graham Haynes (Cornet), Harold Budd (Piano) – begin a special 7 date tour of the UK at the London, Ocean (see Wobble Gig List for Full Info). A live album recorded from the tour is later released on 30 Hertz.


The Q Awards - London, Park Lane Hotel. John Lydon receives a 'Q Magazine' Inspiration Award "for influencing the music of today".

In true Rotten fashion, John arrives at the plush London hotel in a Horse and Cart! He also brings various friends and family including Nora, Rambo, his Dad and Brother, and promptly takes over the proceedings. John takes no prisoners throughout the awards, heckling the likes of Travis, James, and Keith Allen. He saves his praise for Kate Bush.

On receiving his award he offers to give it away: "Who wants this, because it doesn't mean anything to me… " He then thanks Kate Bush for making "fucking great music"! and returns to "getting pissed!"


John becomes something of a media darling after the Q Awards. Appearing in countless newspapers; including the front page of 'The Independent', and full page features in 'The Mirror' and 'The Star'. The Daily Mirror '3am' column even goes so far as to call him "our hero"!


ITV, 'GMTV' - includes clips of John from Q Awards.


'Friday Night With Jonathan Ross' - John Lydon interview.


'The Independent' - John Lydon retrospective feature covering his career from the Pistols, through PiL, right up to the Q Awards.


Channel 5, 'The Q Awards' - various clips of Lydon from the Q Awards.


'Eye Weekly' website - Jah Wobble interview.


John Lydon visits the Jordan Formula One HQ at Silverstone. It is reported that he gets himself jammed inside one of the cars!


'Q Magazine' - Q Awards Special. Includes various pix of John (and entourage!) along with an interview; and a feature on John and Kate Bush.


ITV, 'Red Mist'. Documentary on reacting under pressure, features a brief clip of PiL's infamous appearance on 'Check it Out' 1979.


Martin Atkins' Pigface begin their 39 date 'Preaching to the Perverted' North American tour at the Royal Oak Music Hall, MI; along with Gravity Kills and Godhead.


Fodderstompf.com visit Keith Levene at his MissingChannel studio in London to hear a preview of his new material. Tracks previewed today include 'Killer in The Crowd', 'Object B' and 'Sound Stage One'.

Keith explains that "MissingChannel" – a nod and a wink to Adrian Sherwood – is his studio and production company; and that he also has a separate music project / band: "Murder Global". Although essentially just him, Murder Global will expand into a full band. He has recently been rehearsing with a couple of friends, and is enjoying the extra input they are giving. He states he would like to play live again, but is still against touring.

He also reveals he will be abandoning the MissingChannel website and setting up a new Murder Global site.


'Chart Attack' magazine, Canada - Jah Wobble interview.


'Blue Divide' magazine - Jah Wobble interview.


Fodderstompf.com - Martin Atkins interview. PiL drummer; circa 1979-1985.


'The Independent' a movie featuring a cameo by John Lydon, filmed back in May 1998, finally opens in the USA.

The "comedy" directed by Stephen Kessler is loosely based on the life of independent movie producer Morty Fineman. John plays a town official called BaRuce Diamond. Janeane Garofalo, Jerry Stiller and Ginger Lynn Allen also appear.


'Uncut' magazine - extensive article on post-punk written by Simon Reynolds. The article features various references to PiL, along with interview quotes and pictures. Reynolds will go on to write the book 'Rip It Up and Start Again: Post-Punk 1979-84', published in 2005.

A CD given free with 'Uncut' includes 'Alsema Dub' from the recent Jah Wobble and Bill Laswell 'Dub Transmission' album.


Jah Wobble & Temple of Sound release 'Shout at the Devil' on 30 Hertz (see wobble discography for full info). The collaboration also features Natasha Atlas, Nina Miranda and Shahin Badar. The CD is initially only available via 30 Hertz, with a full release following in 2002.


Radio 3, 'Mixing it' - Jah Wobble's Solaris recorded live from Brighton, Dome October 27th 2001. Also features Wobble and Laswell interview.


Credible rumours circulate of another possible Sex Pistols reunion in 2002 to tie in with the Queen's Golden Jubilee and the Sex Pistols Silver Anniversary. John Lydon has already been quoted in 'Q Magazine' as saying: "It ain't no big deal unless I make it so…"


'PiL Live 83' (Live in Tokyo) is given a DVD release in Japan (Nippon Columbia COBY-4139). The release features no extras, but as expected, has improved sound / picture quality (see DVD discography for full info).



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