Jah Wobble's Deep Space:
Beach Fervour Spare



Running Time: 65:29 mins

review by Scott M, June 2000 (First published F&F 13)
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SpareI was a big fan of the last 'Deep Space' album (see F&F9), so this was another Wobble release I was really looking forward to. It's not very often that Wobble repeats himself, but I'm certainly glad he has. Not that 'Beach Fervour' is a direct copy of the first 'Deep Space' album, it's similar in style, the slow pumping low-end bass, the haunting flutes and horns, and like the first album it sounds like one whole piece of music rather than a collection of individual tracks.

All tracks are improvised instrumentals, and were recorded at various stages in 1999, in between the Deep Space live shows. It's a sort of modern mix of trance and dub, not the horrible electronic trance doing the rounds, but genuine sounds, on genuine instruments by genuine musicians. Long time collaborators Clive Bell and Jean-Pierre Rasle feature alongside new recruits Chris Cookson, guitar, and Mark Saunders, drums. I was very impressed by Mark's drumming at last years live shows and it's great to hear it translate to record. Parts of 'Beach Fervour', especially tracks like 'Kinky Mantra' & 'As Night Falls Part 3' aren't a million miles away from PiL, not so much in terms of instruments or sound, but in the way they're structured. Wob and Mark work well together, and the others are free to do their own thing on top. It's very much a layered sound. This second album is a bit more 'upbeat' than last year's debut. There's greater use of keyboards and guitar, and the bass and drums are absolutely thundering. It's such a 'big' sound with so much going on that it's one of those albums that just sounds fucking great loud!! It's very uplifting, and a great record to relax to. Some of the album may be what you could loosely call 'ambient' but it's anything but boring, in fact tracks like 'As Night Falls Part 1' could easily be club hits.

If you're a fan of the last 'Deep Space' album this is a definite 'must have', or if you haven't been following Wob's "career" of late but you've been inspired by The Damage Manual to see what he's up to these days this is the perfect place to start...

To round off here's a little piece of trivia, the afternoon I got it I was blasting it out when the council arrived to fix our stairs, I don't know what council workers are like where you stay (if you even have such things!), but the ones in 'Glezga' are notoriously bad. They're always cocky, arrogant and loud. Well, I have to say 'Beach Fervour' certainly kept them in their place, I hardly heard a peep out of them the whole time they were here, I think it scared the shit out of them! Now that's what I call a good record!


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