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Why don't you try asking an intelligent question? - March 2008
In-depth look at PiL's infamous appearance on Tyne Tees, 'Check it Out' TV show in July 1979
"It ain't the names that matter, you got to be able to hear them first…" - August 2007
John Lydon's handwritten reggae recommendations to a fan (circa 1978-80) via our link up with…
It isn’t what they mention in The Guardian - November 2006
Quotes about PiL… It's never been fashionable to admit to liking PiL but it seems some people are just more honest than others…

Maureen Baker: PiL's Public Image 1982/83 - September 2006
Maureen Baker was a photographer who PiL came to admire, and use extensively; circa 1982/83. Pretty much becoming their official photographer at the time. Maureen's pictures help document a pivotal time in PiL history, and Fodderstompf is delighted to bring you an exclusive selection of her pictures.


Metal Box - August 2006
Extensive review of the 2006 vinyl re-issue, plus additional information on the original release. Including links to archive press reviews and interviews, recording info etc, plus a guide to other non-album 'Metal Box' era recordings.



Public Image. (un)limited. - December 2004
PiL biography. Use this bio as a guide and do some digging of your own. Form your own tastes and opinions. It’s all here, you've no excuses…



Bass Cultural Vibrations: Visionaries, Outlaws, Mystics & Chanters - Greg Whitfield, October 2002
Greg Whitfield covers the origins of the Dub / Punk crossover from Jamaica to London. PiL and their entourage feature heavily throughout; along with the likes of Jah Shaka, Adrian Sherwood and Lee Perry, and bringing the story up to date with London's Disciples and More Rockers.


Collector or Sad Bastard? - F&F 12, August 1999
This article was first published in F&F11. It ruffled so many feathers that I just couldn't resist putting it on Fodderstompf. Why not print it out and stick it in your Metal Box!


Leftfield on Lydon - F&F11, December 1999
Various press quotes from Leftfield on their work with John Lydon.


Another Rotten Day - F&F 5, March 1998
Selection of transcripts from John Lydon's 'Rotten Day' radio show.



Virgin Fucking Records - F&F 4, November 1997
Virgin's (mis)handling of Psycho's Path…


Anatomy of an interview - Dan Nolte, May 1996
College paper on the legendary Levene & Lydon interview with Tom Synder on NBC, The Tomorrow Show, June 26th 1980.






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