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The following are PiL interviews especially for Fodderstompf.
We're always looking to add to them, so keep checking back...

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PiL interviews


John Lydon
The Public Image; 1978-present


Keith Levene
Guitarist and Founder Member; circa 1978-83


Jah Wobble
Bassist and Founder Member; circa 1978-80


Jim Walker
Drummer and Founder Member; circa 1978-early '79


David Humphrey
Drummer; circa early 1979


Richard Dudanski
Drummer; circa mid 1979


Martin Atkins
Drummer; circa 1979-1985


Nick Launay
Engineer / Producer / Member; circa 1980


Bob Miller
Engineer / Producer / FOH / Member; circa 1982-3

Pete Jones
Bassist; circa 1982-83


Joe Guida
Guitar live; circa 1983


Tom Zvoncheck
Keyboards live; circa 1983


Robert Poss
Guitar; European Tour Rehearsals 1983


Bret Helm
Bassist live; circa 1984

Lu Edmonds
Guitarist / Multi-Instrumentalist; circa 1986-1988


Allan Dias
Bassist; circa 1986-92


Ted Chau
Guitarist / Keyboards live; 1989 & 1992





Dennis Morris
PiL Photographer; circa 1978-80


Mark Gray
PiL Clothes; circa 1978-80


Paul Dougherty
Director and Editor of PiL live at NY Gildersleeves 1980 video tape



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