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May 8th 2008

News Update - See News for full info...

Review of Dusseldorf, Philipshalle, Germany, December 1st 1983 added to Gig List.
Thanks to Denis Barthel


'Melody Maker' review of Manchester, Russell Club, (The Factory) June 18th, 1979 added to Press Archives. Jon Savage calls the show: "Not so much a public performance, more a semi-private rehearsal; out of the way of too many prying eyes…". He also mentions both 'Death Disco' & 'No Birds Do Sing' were recorded earlier the same day at Granada TV.



March 17th 2008


Check it Out,  July 1979PiL's appearance on Tyne Tees, 'Check it Out' TV show in July 1979 is the now the stuff of legend. Like all legends, only part of it is true, the rest has either been misunderstood or blown out of all proportion. The interview – and proceeding events – need to be properly documented; and put into full context…

Therefor, Fodderstompf has attempted to produce a full transcript from the various audio and video recordings available. To accompany the transcription we have also decided to look at the events surrounding the show in more detail…

Why don't you try asking an intelligent question?

Thanks to James T MacGregor & Mark Woodley


Added to press archives…
Review of San Francisco, The Galleria, November 5th 1982 taken from BravEar Fanzine (Hayward, CA, April 1982). Article from the same fanzine about PiL's SF press conference to follow ASAP…
Thanks to Karsten
En Attendant, #13 - January 1979. Belgian promoters Clean-X behind-the-scenes account of PiL's first ever show at Brussels, Theatre 140, Belgium, December 20th 1978.
Thanks to Alain Clerc &  Eric Dochez


The following 12" white labels have been added to the Samples, White-Label's, Mash-Up's Discography…

Breakz - Open Up breakbeat mix
Psycho Radio V's PiL - Religion
Thanks to Mark Woodley



February 28th 2008

News Update - See News for full info...


Joe Guida, live with PiL, Bochum, Germany October 31st, 1983 © courtesy RockpalastJoe Guida interview!

Joe Guida played guitar in the much maligned, so-called, "cabaret band" line-up that toured Japan and Europe in 1983. Joe recently contacted Fodderstompf offering to give us some additional information about himself and his involvement with PiL.

Joe was keen to tell his side of the story, and to help set the record straight about a few things. So we took the opportunity to interview someone who has never really spoken about his time in the band, and about who little is known…

Read the Fodderstompf Joe Guida interview here…



As a companion piece to our article on John Lydon's reggae recommendations, we now have a full transcript of the 1979 BRMB, Radio Birmingham interview mentioned in the article.

In the special hour long interview John picks some of his current favourite tracks; and talks about reggae, music, and PiL: "Surely the reason for making any music is to get the message, that you are trying to get over, to as many people as possible, otherwise you are being a pretentious little snot…"

BRMB Birmingham, Robin Valk, The Rock Music Show - Lydon interview & record selection



The following interview has been added to the Audio Bootleg Recording Guide. Thanks to Tim Bucknall…
Radio 1, Rock On, 7.12.79 - Lydon & Levene



February 18th 2008


The Creepy DollsThe Creepy Dolls (Pete Jones & Fred Suard): Grand Finale EP reviewed. Also see News February 8th for additional info.

Thanks to Tim Bucknall



The following reviews have been added to the Audio Bootleg Recording Guide. Thanks to Tim Bucknall…

Live Recordings:

• RADIO 1, ROCK ON, 28.10.78 - JOHN LYDON



February 8th 2008

News Update - See News for full info...


The following reviews have been added to the Audio / Video Bootleg Recording Guide. Thanks to Tim Bucknall…





February 2nd 2008

News Update - See News for full info...

Today's updates are brought to you via Tim Bucknall!
NICNecessary Intergalactic Cooperation (NIC) album featuring Keith Levene reviewed.

Thanks to Tim Bucknall


An audio recording of the full Great Gildersleeves 22.4.80 show has recently surfaced via the internet. Read review here

Please note: Recordings of a Human Condition gig supposedly from London, The Venue 3.11.82 are a fake taken from the original official cassette releases.
Thanks to Tim Bucknall



December 30th 2007

News Update - See News for full info...


John Lydon's recent 'readers questions' interview in Uncut has been added to the Press Archives. Some of the Pistols questions are unbelievably moronic but it does touch on PiL / solo work quite a bit; including some interesting comments about John McGeoch Keith Levene, and Kate Bush…

Uncut Magazine, December 2007 - Lydon interview



We've also added the first ever PiL interview / article by Neil Spencer for the NME in May 1978. The (still unnamed) band are beginning rehearsals and setting out their stall for the future…

"Rock is obsolete," says Wobble. "But it's our music, our basic culture. People thought we were gonna play reggae, but we ain't gonna be no GT Moore and The Reggae Guitars or nothing. It's just a natural influence – like I play heavy on the bass..."

NME, May 27th, 1978 - PiL interview

Thanks to Karsten



A third review of the NYC Palladium 1980 has been added to the Audio Bootleg Guide. A newly edited pitch corrected version of the previous 2 recordings; making a FULL recording.

Thanks to MicroBunny / Tim Bucknall

BRiSTOL, THE STUDiO 8.11.83 also added to Audio Bootleg Guide
Thanks to Sam Habash


November 30th 2007

News Update - See News for full info...


October 31st 2007

News Update - See News for full info...


We've now added a FULL transcription of John's interview on Capital Radio, Tommy Vance Show, July 16th 1977…

The Johnny Rotten Show: The Punk and His Music - Capital Radio, July 16th 1977



More conflicting info regarding Boston, The Channel 9.10.82 (this is becoming another PiL trivia conundrum!). Additional review now added…
Thanks to Timothy Sasscer



October 15th 2007


Tour:Smart, Martin AtkinsTour:Smart And Break The Band, Martin Atkins' new book on "the business of touring" reviewed.

The book is available now at book shops and online retailers; as well as via the Underground Inc website.



October 2nd 2007

News Update - See News for full info...


Trainspotter Alert! PiL the missing link… 

Mystery has always surrounded just who played drums for PiL at Manchester, Kings Hall, Belle Vue, February 23rd 1979. No one we asked could ever remember (or still cared!) Well, it turns out it was Eddie Edwards of The Vibrators (you can sleep at last!).

Fodderstompf had originally stated David Humphrey most likely played, however, after interviewing him back in 2004 it left us stumped. Reports elsewhere claiming that either Jim Walker or Richard Dudanski played were always incorrect. Thankfully, Fodderstompf reader Mark Woodley came to our rescue while researching music press archives. Mark came across a Vibrators interview that mentioned Eddie had went onto play drums with PiL after The Vibrators originally split.

Eddie still plays with The Vibrators from time to time so we got in touch with Knox who passed some messages back and forth; and yes, it was Eddie! We also managed to jog Wobble's memory who (just about) confirmed it was him; and that it came about via Vibrators bassist Pat Collier; who ran rehearsal rooms PiL were using at the time. It's taken nearly 30 years but Eddie will finally get his place in PiL history! (not that we would imagine he would be too bothered!).

Not bad, that's Eddie Edwards and Mikki Toldi uncovered in the past few weeks. That just leaves the Vivian Jackson PiL drummer mystery to solve!
Thanks to Mark Woodley



Added to PiL Press Archives:

Record Mirror, May 18th 1981 - Lydon interview
'Flowers of Romance' era interview by John Shearlaw: "We ain't rock and roll and we'll never be ICI, but we will do something different, that's for sure"

Thanks to Karsten



Recent additions to the Fodderstompf You Tube page include: 1983 'Order of Death' trailer, Jah Wobble live at Bestival 2007 & John Lydon on 'The History of Jamaican Music'.

All videos are compiled from other users favourites; if you have any recommendations get in touch…


Apparently there were 2 shows at Boston, The Channel 9.10.82; one being an all ages show. This may explain the differences mentioned regarding the set lists in the Fodderstompf reviews
Thanks to HwyCDR


September 12th 2007

News Update - See News for full info...


Metal Box: Stories from John Lydon's Public Image LimitedAdditional review of the new PiL book added. Going by the response we've had to the first review, everyone seems to agree…

Incidentally, we ALWAYS welcome additional points of view for our reviews. Any of them.



September 9th 2007

Metal Box: Stories from John Lydon's Public Image Limited PiL book reviewed.

Mikki Toldi added to PiL People. Also see News September 4th for additional info...


September 4th 2007

News Update - See News for full info...


August 31st 2007


Following on from the recent News item – regarding John Lydon's reggae recommendations – we take a more detailed look at the letter; and with the help of regular Fodderstompf contributor Greg Whitfield, add some background information on the records and some of the artists mentioned…
With special thanks to

John Lydon: "It ain't the names that matter, you got to be able to hear them first…"


Additional review of PiL's UK debut at The Rainbow on Xmas Day 1978 added to Gig List. Interestingly, this review comes from a different perspective than is normally reported… Set list also added.
Thanks to Paul Mowatt


John's reggae letter has finally prompted us to publish the tracklisting of the records he picked on the, now legendary, Capital Radio, Tommy Vance Show, July 16th 1977. Although, strictly speaking, this isn't related to PiL, we are regularly asked about this show and the records picked. So by popular demand…

We have also added some additional info, but are hoping to get a full transcription of the show. If you can help, please get in touch…

The Punk and His Music - Capital Radio, July 16th 1977


Bristol, Lake Compounce Park, USA July 11th, 1989 added to the Audio/Video Bootleg Guide.
Thanks to Steve Miller

Additional scan of PLAYiNG iN A DiSHPAN: THE OTHER SiDE OF LiVE iN TOKYO bootleg CD added.
Thanks to Tetu Otani

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