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July - October 2001


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21st October 2001


News Update - See News for full info.

I've decided to redo the new reviews section and split it into two separate sections. There will be one section devoted to reviews, and the other devoted to original articles and Fodderstompf features. The sections have now been updated with the most of the F&F PiL archives, there's still more to come...

I've also added a selection of music press reviews & interviews to the Press Archives section.

There's been quite a bit of tinkering going on throughout the site, with new pix added to certain sections, and general tidying up of others....


16th October 2001

I've added a new section to the main site featuring Fodderstompf reviews and articles. At the moment it's still pretty bare, but I'll start by adding the old F&F PiL archives over the next week, then as new PiL related books & records etc get released I can add them to the site. Feel free to send in your own point of view...

News Update - See News for full info.


15th October 2001

I've now added and updated the Jah Wobble discography that myself and Patrick MacArdle originally did for 30 Hertz. I've actually added a complete solo discography section to the site. However, for the time being only Wobble & Levene are ready. Over the next few weeks I'll add Lydon, as well as sections on PiL collaborations such as The Damage Manual & The Steel Leg...

I've tried to illustrate the Wobble discography with as many sleeves as possible, but I am missing quite a few, especially the older 7" & 12" singles. If you can help by sending in any scans, or point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated.

There are quite a few details I don't have so It'd be cool if some of you could give the Wobble discography a once over, in case I've missed anything obvious or there are any glaring errors. MANY THANKS!



13th October 2001

News Update - See News for full info.



11th October 2001

News Update - See News for full info.

I've added a brief interview snippet from engineer Nick Launay to the 'Death Disco', 'Memories' & 'Flowers of Romance' 7" discography sections.




October 10th 2001

News Update - See News for full info.

I've finally managed to fix the text problems on About Us & Radio Fodderstompf, pesky layers...
I've also been tinkering with the Levene discography.

More updates this weekend...



October 6th 2001

We've added a Keith Levene solo discography to the discography section. Myself and Karsten have collaborated on it, and we're confident that it's the most complete Levene discography that's ever been printed (not that there's that much of it!). The discography also reveals more details of the previously mentioned 'Hollywood Vice Squad' movie. It turns out that '2011' was basically written directly for the movie.

John Lydon & Jah Wobble discographies coming soon...

Pix and gig ticket added to the Aylesbury, Friars Club 19.11.83 gig info.




October 5th 2001

To my shame I'd actually forgotten all about it, but I asked Alan McGee of Creation / Poptones fame for a quote about PiL when I was re-launching the site. Which kindly enough he did, back in March! (oops). Anyway, I've finaly put it up in full on the interviews page, check it out... THANKS Alan, sorry about that!
As Alan says, "Public Image, respect soon has to be paid..."

The Chicago 1.5.80 gig was actually at the Riviera Theater. Check out the gigs section to see the ticket from the show.
Thanks to STEVE LITIN for the info and pix.

News Update - See News for full info.



29th September 2001

Our interview with original PiL drummer Jim Walker by Karsten Roekens is on-line now. Jim talks about how he joined the band, reveals details of unreleased material, and charts the events leading up to his departure. Jim doesn't pull any punches and the interview features countless information never printed elsewhere. Click here to check it out...

After reading the interview I've updated the 'Public Image' and 'Flowers of Romance' 7" entries in the discography, as well as updating Jim's biography.

I've also tinkered with the Keith Levene biography to include info about his contributions to the score of the 1986 film 'Hollywood Vice Squad'. Thanks to Karsten Roekens for unearthing the info.

News Update - See News for full info.



27th September 2001

News Update - See News for full info.

Apologies for the lack of updates lately. I'm hoping to get some stuff done at the weekend...

Coming soon: An interview with original PiL drummer Jim Walker. Definitely worth checking out...



21st September 2001

News Update - See News for full info.


13th September 2001

News Update - See News for full info.



9th September 2001

I've now added the cassette single and CD single sections to the illustrated discography.

The Dunstable, Queensway Hall, 2.11.87 gig featured in the gig list was actually cancelled at the last moment.
Thanks to PETE HARRIS for the info.



6th September 2001

News Update - See News for full info.



5th September 2001

News Update - See News for full info.

Finally a proper update!

I've put up the first part of the illustrated discography. So far I've only had a chance to do the 7" singles section. I hope to add more sections soon. Rather than just trainspottery facts I've tried to make the discography as interesting as possible, see what you think... I will eventually add links to promos and imports of the singles, but for the time being I want to crack on with the standard UK discography.

Also, a real exclusive... A review and interview from PiL's first ever gig at Brussels, Theatre 140, Belgium. Originally from the Dutch 'Muziekkrant OOR' magazine (Amsterdam) January 1979. Rediscovered & transcribed by KARSTEN ROEKENS, with thanks to Frank Hessens from AB Promotie, Brussels.


30th August 2001

News Update - See News for full info.

Alright, I know. No updates for weeks!! Sorry I've been really busy, but I Promise I will be putting some new stuff up over the next week, honest... !



16th August 2001

News Update - See News for full info.

3.8.87 STOCKHOLM, GRONA LUND AMUSEMENT PARK, SWEDEN added to the gig list.
THANKS to Karl Backman for the info...



10th August 2001

News Update - See News for full info.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I’ve been tied down with other commitments. I do hope get the finger out over the next few weeks, everything being ok...

New Message Boards - I finally got it to work! So it’s bye to the old ‘message bored’. Which was only ever meant to temporary anyway. As you’ll see the new board is split into three. One for PiL, one for F&F and one for the site.
You DON’T HAVE TO REGISTER to post, but at least that way you’ll be spared the banner ads!
Incidentally, the new boards also allow chat...




31st July 2001

News Update - See News for full info.




26th July 2001


News Update - See News for full info.


Again apologies for the lack of updates and progress, I'm finding it a bit of a struggle to find time lately. I WILL be doing more soon, if work doesn't kill me first...

The latest “tinkering” includes:
Updating the gig list with a gig from New Orleans, McAllister Auditorium 15.7.86
Adding backing singer Julie Christensen to the 'That What is Not' session men biography
Adding a press archive link in the links section
Adding Westbam and Dave Clarke to the covers discography





19th July 2001

I've added M's updated biography of John Lydon to the PiL People section. Also added is M's Fodderstompf interview with PiL bassist Pete Jones. Which will go hand in hand with the F&F13 interview already on the site. The 'About Us'page has been updated and now also features a link to the history of the original site and M's good-byeee...

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed I'm still tweaking the site here and there, and I've made the discography a little easier to navigate. I've not been able to spend as much time on the site as I'd liked, but I am plugging away, when possible, with the third level of the discography, which hopefully some of which will be ready soon...



18th July 2001

News Update - See News for full info...




12th July 2001

What should have been a 'little tinkering' with the site has turned into a complete overhaul. As you'll see I've had to change the main pages. I couldn't fix the problem with the white box the way I liked, so I've decided to re-design a little. I'm actually a bit pissed off because I prefer the original design. However, it was gonna be too much hassle, so it's gone. Basically I'll keep 'tinkering' with it till I'm happy, who knows how long that will take!

I've also added a links section. I say 'added', it was actually always there, I just hadn't put any links to it in the pull down menu - Doh! Hopefully over the next few days I get the chance to do some proper work on the site, as opposed to pissing about with stuff I've already 'done'...

If you notice any problems with your browser, let me know...





10th July 2001

I've not really had much time for any major updates yet. However, it looks like there's a few little glitches with the site. Some browser's are displaying the text, and the top headings / artwork, way off the page. If that's what you see, mail me and let me know. If you spot anything else PLEASE let me know, cheers! The site should be best viewed 600x800, via Explorer 4 or above...

I should be able to get on with adding new stuff to the site when I get all the teething problems fixed...



7th July 2001

A week late - not too bad! The delay was mostly down to the change of servers, but going out on the piss, work, and even a severe electrical storm haven't helped. Anyway, at long last, we have the new Fodderstompf site...
In true PiL fashion, much later than planned and with half the originally intended ideas!

The site features all the old Fodderstompf stuff, plus...
Updated discographies
Exclusive interviews
An extended PiL people section featuring EVERY member!
Complete lyrics for every PiL song
A trade & classified page
PiL rarities / memorabilia guide
Video & cassette bootleg guide
A regularly updated news page

Some of the features and articles have been lifted straight from the F&F fanzine and are pretty bare, but this is only early days, much more will be added... You'll also notice there is not an images section. Instead, the plan is to include images as part of the individual pages, hopefully using some of the rarer or more interesting ones.

The site is by no means finished, I've still a lot of tinkering to do. I plan to add much, much more over the coming months, but it will take time. The first priorities are to finish the Chronology, and the Discography (which currently has no pix, anyone got a loan of a digital camera!). After that I will start adding new features, and a lot more images, as well as a few new exclusive interviews with some ex-PiLer's. Rather than shoot my mouth off about all my plans, and be left with typical PiL style egg-on-the-face, I'll leave them till they are a reality, keep checking back here for updates.

I'm relatively new to this web site design malarkey, so I've tried to keep the pages simple. As time goes on the site will develop. However, I'm quite happy with it for now. It also goes without saying, if you notice any faults on the site, or want to contribute please get in touch!

To take you through some of the technical changes on the site...

1. The temporary home page will no longer work (see below).

2. The splash page is pretty bare, unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this for the time being, best thing is to bookmark the new home page.

3. We had trouble moving over the old Fodderstompf message board, so for the time being at least, I will be using the old F&F board. Which is ironic because the original plan was bin the F&F board, and incorporate it into the Fodderstompf board...

. I’ve had to move the ‘First Issue’ mailing list over to Yahoo Groups. Despite being part of Groups ‘First Issue’ will remain a newsletter... Nothing has really changed. If you were already subscribed but haven’t received anything lately, or want to sign up, you can subscribe below...

Lastly BIG thanks to M, you will be missed...



23rd June 2001

Over the next few days the PiL ‘Fodderstompf’ site will be down as we move server. However we will be back.

When the site goes back up (hopefully in a couple of days) there will only be a temporary News / Site Updates page, with the revamped site being relaunched in early July.
The temporary home page is now at:

Although originally planned as a 'merger' between F&F and Fodderstompf, M has now left the ‘company’, and therefor I will be doing the site myself. This has put me a little behind schedule, but you’ll be used to that anyway!
The only comment I have about M leaving is that “There are a lot of weak people in the world”. Only kidding, it’s perfectly amicable split, honest...

For the re-launch, scheduled July 1st, the plan is to move some of the original site onto the new server, along with what little new stuff I’ve managed to do. Once ALL that is done I will keep adding and tinkering with the site. I haven’t done half the stuff I wanted to so far, it’s very much an ongoing saga.

You may have already received notice, but with Fodderstompf having to move over to a new server I’ve had to move the ‘First Issue’ mailing list over to Yahoo Groups. Despite being part of Groups ‘First Issue’ will remain a newsletter... Nothing has really changed.

If you haven’t already signed up you can do so at:


UPDATES 1999 - JUNE 2001

Please Note: Due to the sever change News and updates 1999-2001 are no longer avaibale. Oops.



We're a communications company not a web site
Fodderstompf Mailing List




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