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PiL & Solo Links


PiL Official Site
Official PiL website launched September 2009. Features Live Dates, News, Press, Video and Audio clips. Plus, official merchandise.
PiLOfficial Social Media
PiL Official Webstore
Official PiL webstore
T-shirts and official merchandise. 2 stores, UK / Rest of the World & USA.
PiL - ALiFE, ConcertLive PiL 2009

Concert Live: ALiFE 2009

Instant live CD's from December 2009 PiL Tour.

Army of One. The only site for information straight from the horses mouth… Also features micro-sites on the Psycho's Path and Best of British £1 releases. Plus, YouTube Channel.

Jah Wobble: 30 Hertz Records

All the latest info on Wobble's many activities and his 30 Hertz releases, plus live dates, interviews etc etc. You can also listen to a selection of the 30 Hertz back catalogue via the site's online MP3 player, and purchase CD's online.


Jah Wobble Discussion List: "The List"

E-mail based discussion list for all things Wobble.


Keith Levene: MurderGlobal

Keith's official website relaunched June 2009. Videos and new tunes.


Underground Inc

Martin Atkins' independent record label. All the latest news and releases etc. Also see Invisible Records for info on some of Atkins' own projects such as The Damage Manual, Pigface, Brian Brain and Murder Inc.


Pete Jones: MySpace

Latest solo tracks and collaborations from PiL's second bass player; circa 1982/83. Also includes Pete's PiL archive from his now defunct JabberJab website.


PiL at Last.FM
Legitimate music streaming community based website with free access to a variety of PiL and related music.
PiL at Discogs
Illustrated PiL discography including promos and imports, and rare sleeves.
PiL at iTunes
Official PiL downloads.
PiL: Wikipedia
DIY PiL bio, discography and links. Could do with some serious tweaking, but that's your job not ours…

Don't forget John's "other band"

Sex Pistols Official Website

Sex Pistols Official Website

First ever official Sex Pistols website. Launched June 2008. News, Bios etc, plus all the latest official Sex Pistols merchandise.


God Save The Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols fansite. Established 1998. News, reviews, interviews, pictures, and much, much more… Constantly updated.


Here's The Artwork

Site solely dedicated to Sex Pistols CD's. Extensive collection of CD's from around the world, including many small and rare pressings.


PiL Interviews / Articles etc...


Perfect Sound Forever:

Online music magazine. Includes an informative behind-the-scenes article on the infamous 1981 New York Ritz show. Plus an extensive 4 part Keith Levene interview; circa 2001.


David Jackson:

David worked with PiL throughout the eighties; designing the stage and lights for various tours. He also directed and produced John Lydon's video for 'Sun', and designed the stage and lights for the Pistols Filthy Lucre Tour. His website includes loads of great pix from these projects, with some interesting info about them.


Rip It Up And Start Again

Simon Reynolds website for his Rip It Up And Start Again: Post-Punk 1978-84 book. Features footnotes for the 2 chapters dedicated to PiL; plus discography additions, including a look at some of the early PiL solo releases 'Public Image Ltd and Punky-Reggae'. Also see Simon's blog page for additional info…


Misc Related (and unrelated)


On-U-Sound in the Area

On-U fan site featuring unrivalled info on their many releases, including the PiL related material. Also see Uncarved for a 2003 Greg Whitfield interview with On-U-Sound founder Adrian Sherwood, including many PiL references.


Blood & Fire Message Board

Message board for the respected archive reggae label. Often throws up PiL references…


Reggae News

Extensive reggae site featuring all the latest album reviews; along with news, interviews and discussion. If you like your PiL and your reggae this is the place to be…


3:am Magazine

Music, literature, arts and politics. Features contributions from Fodderstompf regular Greg Whitfield. Including interviews with Keith Levene & Tessa Pollitt.


Punk 77

Well written and thorough punk site. Includes of an extended version of Greg Whitfield's Keith Levene interview for 3:am Magazine.



Collectors Links


The following are a list of useful websites that PiL collectors may want to try.

Please note: This is an not a commercial zone. We have NO affiliation with any of these sites. They are provided for reference only, not kickbacks …



You might have heard of it…



UK record dealer. Expensive but extensive.


Sister Ray

Rare 2nd hand PiL, also good for cheap mid-price CD's etc.


Ian Dickson Photos

Site dedicated to rock photographer Ian Dickson and his punk photo book: 'Flash Bang Wallop'. You can also contact Ian to buy exclusive pix of PiL live at London Hammersmith 1983.


Dennis Morris Photos

Dennis Morris' official site. Many previously unseen and rare PiL pix; circa 1978-80 available for sale. Also features a selection of his Sex Pistols and reggae work. Though be warned, Dennis Morris pictures do not come cheaply…


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