John Lydon Public Image: Live in Japan 1997 Complete!
(bootleg LP)


Sun / Armies / Another way / Take Me / Psychopath / Tie Me to the Length of That / Rise / Dog / Public Image / Careering / Under the House / Stump / Grave Ride / A No and a Yes / Dis-Ho

Label & Catalogue Number:


Release Date:


Recorded live at Kawasaki, Club Citta, Japan 25.9.97

Sound Quality:
Excellent. Probably taken from the desk or a quality DAT tape

Running Time:
71:42 mins

Rare live recording of one of the few 1997 live performances. Apparently the CD originates form Japan, and now seems quite rare. I’ve not seen many copies myself, but apparently they were pressed in decent numbers of around 1000, but... It's worth noting that CDR copies of the bootleg exist, and seem easier to pick up from the usual sources. The only real difference between the CDR copies I've seen is that the disc features no artwork...

The sleeve inserts are very good, great colour pix of JL circa 1997 including some basic lettering, all done on high quality paper. The front cover artwork is also repeated on the disc. The only thing that lets it down are the far from complete tracklisting (I’ve printed the correct tracklisting above), and in true bootleg style it doesn’t state where and when it was recorded. However, we managed to pin it down as the Kawasaki, Club Citta 25.9.97.

Vox - John Lydon
Martin Lydon - Synthesiser
Deror Margalith - Synthesiser
Otis Hays - Drums

F&F13 - July 2000

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