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The idea of this page is to point you in the direction of PiL multi-media available online. We will most likely add to the small selection of files we have directly on the site, but the majority of links will be external.

Our featured sound files are presently commercially unavailable; and are supplied free. No illegal downloads here. We all know record companies are their own worst enemy, but that's no excuse. If you like good music and want it to continue. Support it. Don't steal it.

We are not responsible for the content of any exterior links.


Video Clips (via YouTube)

You Tube

To help you navigate through the ever-growing collection of PiL related clips on YouTube we have set up some PiL playlist's from other users favourites; which will be periodically updated.

We welcome your additions and suggestions…

Playlist 1: The Public Image
A chronological collection of PiL promo videos, TV appearances, and interviews etc etc. The Greatest Clips So Far…
Playlist 2: The Umbrella Theory
A selection of solo clips from Lydon & Wobble etc.
Playlist 3: Odds and Sodds
Miscellaneous PiL and related clips. Roses and Cabbages…
Please Note: We are Fodderstompf1 on YouTube, somebody else had already taken the username; and we have no connection with this user.

Sound Files

Please Note: We have NO connection with the MySpace Fodderstompf page; or any other PiL pages on MySpace.
Fast Forward: John Lydon interview 1981 (7.52 mins) (4.4mb) MP3
'Flowers of Romance' era interview by Stuart Coupe. Taken from Australian cassette magazine: 'Fast Forward'.
Thanks to Robert Svejda
PiL: Order of Death (Blair Witch Mix) (3.55 mins) (3.7 mb)
A unique 1999 mix of PiL's 'Order of Death' featuring dialogue from the 'Blair Witch' movie mixed into the track. Taken from film soundtrack.
See Discography for more info…

Other External links

We are not responsible for the content of any exterior links.

PiL Audio Player featuring various PiL tracks. Video page runs in conjuction with the official YouTube page. Official MySpace also fetures various interviews.


The multi-media section features a selection of sound and video clips, plus with desktops etc…

MP3 files including podcast's, unreleased live tracks, rarities, and 'Rotten Day' clips…

Various video clips including 'Rotten TV', promo videos and TV appearances…

PiL at Last.FM
Ligimate music streaming community based website with free access to a variety of PiL and related music.

Music video / archive streaming website includes PiL's infamous 1979 appearance on Check It Out & John Lydon's post-Pistols pre-PiL interview on the London Weekend Show.

Jah Wobble: 30 Hertz Records

Various video and MP3 clips. Download albums also available to purchase via online store.


Bootlegging the Bootleggers

"imitation isn't flattery, it's a bloody insult…"
Musique Concrete: Third Edition (2.52 mins) (2.7 mb)
PiL: Careering v Neneh Cherry: Buffalo Stance
Mash-up remix bootleg by Musique Concrete, released as limited edition bootleg 10" single in 2002.
Soundhog: Public Demons (2.54 mins) (2.7 mb)
PiL: Public Image v Macy Gray: Demons
Mash-up remix bootleg by Soundhog. Originally broadcast as part of a BBC Radio Wales session in November 2002.
Go Home Productions: PiL's, Thrills & Britneyache (3.20 mins) (3.1 mb)
PiL: Socialist v Britney / Madonna: Me Against The Music!
Mash-up remix bootleg by Go Home Productions, who also did the Pistols v Madonna 'Ray of Gob' & 'Submusic' mash-ups.
IDC: Freedom is Coming - Death Disco (3.14 mins) (3 mb)
PiL: Death Disco v Bishop Desmond Tutu!
IDC remix featuring PiL's 'Death Disco' along with samples of Bishop Desmond Tutu! Never given any release this mix is only used at IDC DJ sets.
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