John Lydon - Psycho's Path / Sun
promo Discs

review by Scott M (except*)
first published F&F 3, August 1997
© 2002 / F&F Publishing

Psycho's Path (UK promo CD)

The UK promo CD for the album is exactly the same as the official release, except for a "Promo Not For Sale" sticker on the back. And therefor isn't worth any more than a normal copy. The official US release is also the same, except for a different shaped "John Lydon: Psycho's Path" sticker on the front (rectangular rather than circular - wow!).

Sun (UK 2 track promo CD) Virgin VUSCDJ 122

Sun Promo CDThis promo CD features the same Leftfield mixes of 'Sun' and 'Psychopath' (remix #3), that appeared on the official release. However, it comes in a totally different black cardboard sleeve featuring no artwork and only yellow/orange lettering.

My copy also has a Virgin sticker on the front (featuring the wrong release date!) and a press quote sticker on the back that states "There are few people who have a real star quality and music to match. This is full of a character distinctly that is John Lydon." Fucking hypocrites.

I only paid £3 for the CD but they've been selling for more. I wouldn't go over a fiver. There are also UK and US 12" promos but I haven't seen them yet, though I do know the US version features five tracks.


Sun (Virgin/West One TV 1 track promo video)

No one has shown it, but there is a promo video! If I was being cruel I would say it looks like a 'Karaoke' video! It basically consists of John posing and mucking about in front of some "saucy" British seaside postcards, and in some places acting them out, I have to admit it's not my favourite video, but it has its moments... It's certainly been done 'tongue-in-cheek', but it'll probably be lost on most people.

The promo was directed by Hans Fjellestad and David Jackson. It's incorrectly titled "In The Sun" and features a 3.11 minute edit of the Leftfield mix. There's no cover etc, but my copy features a WEST 1 TV (the production company) sticker on the tape and on the tape box featuring the correct details. I got my copy via 'Record Collector' for £10, which isn't a bad price for a promo video as not many are made, and they're always good collectors items.


Sun (UK Promo 12") Virgin VUSTDJ 122

I eventually got round to getting this UK promo 12", and I'm very glad I did because it features a commercially unreleased track/mix... As well as the Leftfield remix of 'Sun' that's already featured on the album, and the (well weird) 'Lydon Remix' that's on the CD single. You also get the 'Leftfield Dub Remix' that's unavailable elsewhere. A really good mix that starts with a kind of eastern flute, followed by big drums, and then a mixture of vocal and synth samples from the original. It's nothing like the original or the other mixes...

The 12" features 6 tracks in all, with the original of 'Grave Ride' (again, mistakenly titled as the Moby Remix), and also the two Leftfield remixes of 'Psychopath', that are featured on the 'Sun' CD single - being the other three tracks. The sleeve repeats the plain black with orange lettering that's on the promo CD, and is also featured on the labels. It only cost me £5, but I guarantee the shop never realised there was an unreleased track on it. You should still be able to pick this up fairly easily, so my advice would be to buy it before the bastards realise what's on it!


*Sun (2 track CD-Recordable)

JL CDRCD-Recordables are always pressed in very few numbers so it's nice to get your hands on one. The CD features the same two tracks as the UK promo CD, 'Sun' (Leftfield mix) and 'Psychopath' (Leftfield remix #3), but the disc itself is gold coloured with the playing side in green. It's an 'Abbey Road reference CD' with just John's name, the title and the date of manufacture (4.6.97) hand written in permanent pen on the gold side. The typed cover has only the artist, title and date again, with the client listed as Virgin and its location - Room 13 (sounds spooky!!).

I picked it up for £15 but looking at the prices of other CD-R's it's bound to rise in value soon. For two tracks that are available elsewhere it's fairly expensive, but it's a nice item to have just because it's different from a normal CD.