John Lydon - Psycho's Path
US Tour itinerary book 1997

JL Tour Book

This is a book that is made up generally for the band members, roadies, managers, and usually one or two office copies. In all for a tour this size they probably only produced around 25 copies of the book. One of the reasons they keep the numbers down are for safety/security reasons. In the wrong hands you could stalk poor Johnny across the country.

The book is spiral bound, 50 pages (size 5 x 8 inches) with a full colour picture of the CD cover on the front. The first five pages are a list of all the projected dates and a page of all the tour contacts phone numbers (ie: managers, booking agents, travel company etc). Once the tour starts there is a page for each date. The pages are broken down into five sections: Travel/Hotel/Promoter/After show travel.

The small amount of books that are usually produced and the fact that this tour was cancelled almost immediately, causing most of these books to most likely be thrown away, make this a very collectable and unusual piece of memorabilia.