PiL - 1984 (Virgin Austraila) promo tour box

review by Scott M
first published F&F 6, July 1998
© 2002 Fodderstompf.com / F&F Publishing

This is a definite rarity. The guy I got it from apparently got it via the Australian tour manager. It's a black 12" plastic box with a clear lid, and contains:

•  Promo copy of the Australian 'Bad Life' tour souvenir 12"
•  Sleeveless tour T-shirt / PiL logo lollipop!
•  Tour itinerary book featuring arrival dates, tour dates, hotels etc
•  28 page press cuttings dossier featuring loads of cuttings about the tour
•  Various press releases, gig tickets, handbills, & press invites etc

•  Sample sleeves for the 'Live 83' & 'Order of Death' videos
•  PiL logo stickers
•  Various live and promo photos

You got all that? well there's more! As well as the box there's also:
Unmarked 61 minute PiL video tape featuring: promo videos, tour TV adverts, Aussie TV appearances, The Tube, American Bandstand & The Tomorrow Show (all of which are excellent quality and I reckon about 1st generation)
3 audio cassettes featuring: 2 (excellent quality) live gigs from the Aussie tour, the Aussie press conference, and 2 Aussie radio interviews with Lydon.

Not a bad item. To be honest, I reckon that originally the box only featured: the promo 12" / the T-shirt / the tour itinerary book / the lollipop. And the tour manager (or whoever) just added the rest of the stuff to the collection. A lot of it certainly seems to have come from Virgin Australia so it's very possible it came from the tour manager, but who knows...

There can't be many/any of these about elsewhere so I reckon to a PiL collector it would be worth at least £75-100...