John Lydon 7" interview pic disc

review by Scott M
first published F&F 5, March 1998
© 2002 / F&F Publishing
This 7" picture disc turned up at a record fair a few years ago. It features a crudely edited (from thirty five minutes down to just six!) version of the John Lydon 'Interview with Kris Needs' (LIPSERVICE/ FLICKNIFE LSM01) interview disc, recorded in Feb 1986.

I seriously doubt this 7" is an official release because there is no title or record label (only a catalogue number scratching stating BSAPC 7-1), it repeats on both sides and it's very poorly edited. One side of the picture disc features an early photo of Lydon and the other what looks like a page from a French magazine featuring parts of a Lydon interview and three live photos of PiL. It comes in a clear plastic sleeve with a sticker stating "one of one", but it would seem highly unlikely only one was pressed, anybody else got one? Another pointless release...