Pete Jones

Pete Jones at PiL press conference, San Francisco, November 4 1982 © Maureen BakerBorn:
September 22nd 1957. England

Bass August 1982 - April 1983

Drafted into PiL by Martin Atkins – who had played with him, originally in The Hots, then later with Brian Brain – Jones was recruited to help complete recordings for the 'Commercial Zone' album at Park South Studios, New York; and also for the return to live shows in September 1982.

As well as playing on the majority of 'Commercial Zone' Jones also contributes co-writing to some tracks; most notably the Bob Miller, Martin Atkins and Pete Jones collaboration 'Miller-Hi-Life'. He also appears on PiL's biggest UK chart hit 'This is Not a Love Song'. Jones decided to leave the band in April 1983 after becoming increasingly jaded and disillusioned with life in and around PiL.

Post PiL, he made various attempts to form his own band, but eventually gave up music and retired into private life; marrying and working on building renovation. However, the mid-nineties saw him return to music, releasing two privately pressed EP's under the name of Oboops. He also founded Jabberjab Art and Media UK to promote his own art.

2000 saw the release of the self-distributed solo album 'Twisted'. Which was followed in 2005 by the EP 'Neurotechnic'. Jones has also worked with Stuart Argabright from NYC (Death Comet Crew, Dominatrix) and French guitarist Fred Suard on various side-projects. Jones continues to release new material via his MySpace page.

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Pete Jones at PiL press conference, San Francisco, November 4 1982 © Maureen Baker
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