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Psycho's Path Live Band 1997 (etc)

Although being a real "solo" record John Lydon was keen to tour 'Psycho's Path' with a proper live band.

An unconventional band to say the least 'Psycho's Path live' consisted of a drummer and two keyboard players, plus the one and only Mr John Lydon. The line-up was recruited from largely unknown musicians, but included John's brother Martin; plus moral and protective support in the shape of John "Rambo" Stevens.

The line-up originally included drummer Robert Williams – but as you may have saw on 'Judge Judy' – he left the band in the lurch at the beginning of the tour, and was quickly replaced (see below for more info).

Of the scheduled 20+ North American gigs, only a handful were played; along with 2 in Japan. Full proposed tour dates etc can be found on the 'Psycho's Path' Gig List.


John Lydon - John Lydon

Martin Lydon - Synthesiser

Deror Margalith - Synthesiser

Otis Hayes - Drums

Miscellaneous Psycho's Path Personnel

Robert Williams - Court Case!

Mark Saunders - Co-producer


Martin Lydon

Finsbury Park, London, England

Synthesiser: Psycho's Path Tour August-September 1997

Martin is the youngest of the four Lydon brothers (John being the oldest). Like Jimmy Lydon he followed John into the music business. Martin often appeared with Jimmy's band 4"Be 2" and also organised their fan mail. He later worked with PiL on several of their 80s tours; and is credited with "backline" in the official 1983 tour book. He is also credited with "programming assistance" on the 'That What Is Not' album.

Perhaps Martin's best known musical contribution was on 'Psycho's Path' which – as well as playing additional guitars and keyboards – he helped engineer. He also played synthesiser – along with Deror Margalith – on the few shows that were played on the aborted 1997 'Psychos Path' tour.

Outside of John, Martin has also worked with Wayne Kramer of the MC5. He currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and family.

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Deror Margalith


Synthesiser: Psycho's Path Tour August-September 1997

Although the first 'Psycho's Path' tour dates had already been booked, as late as June 1997 the band line-up was still not complete. In a Canadian radio interview, June 28th, John Lydon revealed he was still searching for a keyboard player, and actually invited listeners to apply for the job!

When Margalith was eventually hired tour rehearsals started in July. Margalith played synthesiser – along with Martin Lydon –  on the whole "tour" until the final dates in Japan.

Little is known about Margalith prior to the tour, however, later he joined US band Through The Woods for a short time on keyboards. Recording some demos with them before apparently returning home to Israel.

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Otis Hayes


Drums: Psycho's Path Tour August-September 1997

Hayes was hired as a last minute replacement for drummer Robert Williams, who left after disputes with John Lydon (see below). Due to Williams departure the first scheduled tour date – New Orleans 3rd August – had to be cancelled. However, Hayes was quickly up to speed, and the band's first live show went ahead the following day in Houston, Texas.

Hayes played drums on the whole "tour" until the final dates in Japan.

Hayes is a jazz drummer from the US. He later played on Chris Greco's 'Well You Needn't' album in 1999. This Otis Hayes is not to be confused with the well-known jazz pianist of the same name who featured on the 'Blues Brothers' soundtrack.

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Robert Williams

Boston, USA


Williams was originally hired as drummer for the 'Psycho's Path' tour in summer 1997, however –  as a Virgin Records press release later stated –  his behaviour became "increasingly provocative, adversely affecting the camaraderie of the band". Things finally came to a head on July 30th when a clear-the-air meeting between Williams and Lydon resulted in an alleged physical argument, and Williams quit the tour... Otis Hayes was brought in as a last minute replacement, but the first date of the tour had to be cancelled; which it was later revealed cost John Lydon $6000 in lost revenue.

To make matters worse, upon his departure Williams filed "Criminal Battery Charges" against Lydon for the alleged physical assault. However, the claims were immediately dismissed as "completely unfounded" by Police. Williams then decided to try claim $5000 compensation in "lost wages" claiming Lydon had breached his contract when he was dismissed from the tour. Lydon disputed the claims and stated that Williams had "left of his own volition".

The pair were set to go to court to resolve the matter, but hilariously, American TV courtroom show 'Judge Judy' bought the case. Needless to say, Lydon won the case, much to the annoyance and public humiliation of Williams!

The only 'known' member of the live band, Williams had previously drummed for Captain Beefheart 1977-81. He released 'Nosferatu' – a collaboration with The Stranglers' Hugh Cornwell in 1979 – and also put out two solo records in 1981 and 82. He then mostly worked as a session player; even recording one track with Keith Levene in 1987 (later dismissing him as a "no talent loser with delusions of grandeur"!).

1998 saw the release of a third solo album 'Date With The Devil's Daughter' which contained his petty comment on the 'Judge Judy' case 'Johnny Liar' (the album also featured contributions from former PiL live guitarist Mark Schulz). After releasing 'Date With The Devil's Daughter' he formed his own band Robert Williams Playground who then changed their name to Ting Ting.


Mark Saunders


Assistant producer: Psycho's Path Album (*NOT live band)

Saunders co-produced the majority of 'Psycho's Path' tracks – along with John Lydon – except 'Another Way' and 'Armies' which Lydon has sole producing credit. He also played additional guitars and keyboards on the album. Lydon later stated that Saunders was only brought in as a "concession" to Virgin Records. And in truth his input was minimal; since the bulk of the album had already been recorded by the time he was involved.

A respected engineer and producer, Saunders had previously worked with the likes of Tricky, The Cure, Erasure, Lisa Stansfield; among others. He originally started his career working on "pop" records but eventually through his work with The Cure found himself working on more eclectic material; which brought him to the attention of John Lydon.


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