Jah Wobble:
London, Marquee, UK,
January 20th, 1990

Jah Wobble - Bass / Vocals etc
Justin Adams - Guitar
Line-up unknown in full...

Set List:
Unknown in full...


Unknown if an audio bootleg was recorded


Gig Review

review by Ralph Heibutzki, January 2007
© Fodderstompf.com / Ralph Heibutzki

Fodderstompf had this date listed as January 19, but I'm thinking it was the next night, a Saturday (20th). The Breeders happened to be on the bill, too, which is one reason I remember this gig, since their "shriek attack" elicited a mixed response from the Marquee crowd.

Again, I enjoyed seeing Wobble and company weaving their rhythmic magic in an unlikely venue – remember, it's the same place where Cream and Jimi Hendrix and the Yardbirds cut their performing teeth!

On this night, I encountered a more structured situation (security-wise), so I didn't manage a close encounter with Wobble. Not to worry, though: I made small talk with Justin Adams, and Animal (Wobble's ex-guitarist, and now, roadie); I think it was just my way of saying, "I don't wanna go home yet!'

Ralph Heibutzki


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