Jah Wobble:
London, Islington, Powerhaus, UK,
February 25th, 1990

Jah Wobble - Bass / Vocals etc
Justin Adams - Guitar
Line-up unknown in full...

Set List:
Unknown in full...


Audio bootleg recorded


Gig Review

review by Ralph Heibutzki, January 2007
© Fodderstompf.com / Ralph Heibutzki

This date is a little mysterious to me, because Fodderstompf had it as February 23, while I had a note of it as being "2/25/90" -- that'd be a Sunday, which makes more sense to me... with 90 percent of the shops closed, I'd suspect my itchy feet would have directed me to somebody's gig!

The atmosphere proved a little less personal, and more highly charged than the other gigs. I mean, nightclubs are the same all over: you wait... and drink... and wait... and drink, because it takes half a lifetime between equipment changeovers.

The support band, whose name I can't recall, managed to win back a little of the crowd's goodwill with a brisk set of chirpy, snappy pop tunes – only to see it evaporate, after another long wait for Wobble and company, whom most were clearly here to see.

Just before Wobble took the stage, someone threw a beer bottle, which splintered against the stage – to approving cries of, "Get on with it!", and, "Stop takin' the piss!" Needless to say, this made me a little nervous ... I've seen the plugs pulled for less overtly aggressive behaviour!

Once again, the set focused on WITHOUT JUDGEMENT, with a new wrinkle – in the shape of a dancer, who proved far more than functional...as her wordless, deep-throated wails proved, halfway during the roughly 60-minute set ... which ebbed and flowed, like the proverbial tides. It wasn't hard to imagine the teenaged Wobble, his ear glued to a transistor radio, soaking up similar moments from the BBC World Service.

Ralph Heibutzki


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