Washington Warner Theater, USA,
July 22nd, 1986

1986 Album North American Tour
John Lydon
John McGeoch: Guitar
Lu Edmonds: Keyboards & Guitars
Alan Dias: Bass
Bruce Smith: Drums

Set List:
Unknown in full…


Unknown if an audio bootleg was recorded


Gig Review

review by Mark Bowen, February 2006
© 2006 Fodderstompf.com / Mark Bowen

The venue was the Warner Theater.

At the time I was working in a parking lot by the Pentagon, and occasionally I went to the hotel 200 meters away to use the WC.  Apparently PiL stayed in that hotel.  When I went John Lydon was standing by the tour bus.  I said "Aren't you...?" and before I could finish he screamed and ran into the bus.

At the show the band opened without Lydon, playing 'Kashmir' by Led Zeppelin: which was not that far removed from the music on 'Album'.  The rest of the show was mostly songs from 'Album'.  I think they also played 'Public Image' as well as a Sex Pistols track or two.  The show was very short, maybe one hour, and frankly not that memorable.

Mark Bowen


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