New York, Roseland Ballroom, USA
September 28th, 1982

John Lydon
Keith Levene: Guitar
Martin Atkins: Drums
Pete Jones: Bass

Set List:
Unknown in full...

This was PiL's first live performance in 16 months (or over 2 years not including The Ritz). Posters stating "You are now entering a Commercial Zone" are posted at the entrance.

Bob Tulipan had specifically approached top New York promoter Ron Delsner for cash to develop a show and stage-set to play Roseland. John and Keith designed a stage-set for the gig, then put the show together.

Unknown if an audio bootleg was recorded


Gig Review

review by Stephen Brown, February 2007
© / Stephen Brown

The band was amazing that night but what I remember most was what happened before they took the stage.  This must have been the first "punk" show at Roseland because they seemed unprepared for the crowd (unlike the goons at other venues). 

The stage was only about three or four feet high so as the crowd pressed against it many people, including myself, were pushed onto the stage which resulted in the stage collapsing on one side, bringing down part of the lighting rig.  My friend Cindy, who was next to me, was suddenly gone.  

Someone came on stage and threatened to cancel the show, but after a long wait, during which I  managed to get back into the audience, Keith walked onto the tilted stage and played solo for what seemed like a long time before Johnny joined him for a great show. 

Halfway through the show I saw my friend Cindy watching from backstage - she had crawled under the stage and wound up talking her way out of  being thrown out of the backstage area. 

Also… the soundcheck for this gig is on youtube (filmed for Channel 5 News).  I thought I might be crazy for remembering that the lighting rig fell,  but  the soundcheck video shows that the lighting, which consisted of two panels of white light behind and above the stage, along with conventional theatre lighting was connected to the stage.

Stephen Brown


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