Newcastle, City Hall, UK,
November 15th, 1983

1983 European Tour
John Lydon
Martin Atkins: Drums
Louis Bernardi: Bass
Joseph Guida: Guitar
Arthur Stead: Keyboards

Set List:
public image / low life / annalisa / religion / memories / solitaire / flowers of romance / chant / anarchy in the uk / this is not a love song / attack


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Gig Review

review by Gary Ellis, August 2005
© 2005 / Gary Ellis

The Sex Pistols weren't allowed to play Newcastle on the Anarchy tour in '76 so this was our first glimpse of Mr. Lydon (nee Rotten) in the flesh (well certainly mine, anyway). My first disappointment was finding out that there were no PiL logo earrings left at the merchandise stall. I would have killed for one of those but they had sold out on previous dates. Cheers ya southern bastards! Actually that was my second disappointment cause my girlfriend who was supposed to be coming with me dumped me a few days earlier.

The stage set was a graffitied wall with the words 'Arsehole Audience Attention Awaits Ahead' stenciled on it. Alliteration R US. Highlights of the show were a stereotypical punk leaning over the balcony and screaming 'Anarchy!' to which JL replied 'Anarchy?, we always play in any fucking key!' During 'This Is Not A Love Song' the words were changed to 'take the first train out of Newcastle...'. The backing band were shite and 'Anarchy in the UK' was a travesty but hey this was PiL after all.

Finally, I was too tight to buy an official T-Shirt so bought a knock-off copy outside that fell apart after a couple of washes. Happy days.

Gary Ellis


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