PiL: Leeds, University, UK
November 18th, 1983

1983 European Tour
John Lydon
Martin Atkins: Drums
Louis Bernardi: Bass
Joseph Guida: Guitar
Arthur Stead: Keyboards

Set List:
Public Image / Low Life / Annalisa / Religion / Memories / Solitaire / Banging The Door / Flowers of Romance / Poptones / Chant / Anarchy In The UK / Love Song / Attack


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Gig Review

review by Neal Bambridge, October 2008
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Well, with my older brother of 5 years seeing the Pistols at both Leeds Poly in 76 and Huddersfield Xmas 77, and me having missed the Pistols Firemans strike afternoon gig for kids; even though as a punked out 11 year old I pleaded my Dad (who was a Yorkshire Fireman!!) to let me go with my brother and he said no I was too young... I thought my chances of seeing my hero Johnny Rotten were over... Huddersfield the final gig and I missed it!!! ... then along came 18.11.83 Leeds University gig and the arrival of PiL!

Me and my mate Foz couldn't believe it, and his Dad (a copper!) UN-kindly dropped us outside the Uni and the marauding punk rockers hanging around outside. I remember pushing to the front to see a band called 1st Priority - who in reality were the last priority. Crap! Then PiL came on... bright lights... fucking bright lights and very dark music... and Rotten looking very Rotten with his deep electric Orange hair and a PiL t-shirt.

The place went mad - Religion was mesmerising - a green fluorescent halo that Rotten during 'Religion' hung over his head and as he came to the final words "a sod in heaven" pulled it tight to his neck in a noosemans manner to imitate death - it was amazing!

I remember trying to dive crash the stage during 'Anarchy' and being held high and passed over by the crowd towards Rotten on the stage but then being horribly pulled both ways by audience and the evil bouncers - thank god the audience won! - I was pulled back into the moshing pit to get beaten about some more! Gigs in Leeds were fucking dangerous in those days!

The most memorable moment was a mohawked punk who got on the stage (he made it! I didn't!) and Rotten kicked away the bouncers. He sat him on the drum riser gave him a beer and sang to him laughing all the way. The mohawk sat there not wanting to dance happily drinking his beer until Rotten stood him up, arm around him and danced the next song together.. Lucky guy. Probably doesn't even remember it with that hangover!

After the gig I tried to get backstage as I knew one of the doormen but I missed Johnny by 5 minutes - I was told he had retreated to the Dragonora Hotel in Leeds. We rushed down there but the reception denied him staying there. So in true punk manner we trashed all the pot plants in reception and were removed from the building.

We went home knowing we had not met Johnny Lydon, but we had met Johnny Rotten... On stage live at Leeds Uni.... don't believe the hype about the Holiday Inn band. PiL were awesome, it was the early 80s and one thing I agree with is that the piano/synths did not suit either PiL at that time or the Pistols, but what the fuck...

PiL were amazing and Rotten was, well, simply Rotten - this was probably the last time live that he looked as he did in the Pistols. After this he started wearing stupid colourful Gold sports suits and tying pieces of cloth in his hair! We saw him when he was still 100% Rotten!!!

In memory PIL 1983.... a SOD IN HEAVEN!

Neal Bambridge


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