Leeds, 02 Academy
December 16th, 2009

John Lydon
Lu Edmonds: Guitar / Misc
Bruce Smith: Drums
Scott Firth: Bass / Keyboards

Set List:
The Rabbit Song (intro) / Public Image / Careering / This Is Not a Love Song / Poptones / Albatross / Tie Me To The Length Of That / The Suit / Death Disco / Four Enclosed Walls / Flowers of Romance / Psychopath / Disappointed / Warrior / USLS 1 / Banging The Door / Chant / Bags / Memories / Annalisa / Religion / Sun / Rise / Open Up

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Gig Review

review by Edward Thompson, January 2010
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Pre Gig
Having bought my ticket in the fan pre-sale for 36 quid, I thought it was pretty pricey but defo worth the investment. Got my ticket though the post and placed it gently in my bed side-table so I could grab it quickly incase of emergencies say a earthquake or some kind of weather disaster hit my house, even though I live in North Yorkshire you can never be too careful with something you hold in high regard. So what seemed like years waiting for this gig, it finally came around with me being unable to sleep the night before just like when you were small kid waiting for Santa Claus like that........ but this time waiting for the Public Image Ltd sledge with Santa Lydon.

So got up unfortunately at 7.15 because of college, anyway finished college for xmas with all my work done 2 days early so I could enjoy myself at tonight gig. Went back home grabbed my bag, checked my PiL ticket and train tickets about 15 times ! Got in a car, finally set off and guess what the car started to fuck up badly ! Well you know what they say LUCK UP ! TOUGH LUCK ! Somehow the car managed to sort it self out and I managed too arrive at train station, getting a nice seat, then putting on my ipod, Which of course was all PiL !!!

Finally got there and handed over my ticket, then proceeded into the venue. The 02 at Leeds is quite a nice venue, been there before but that time was on the balcony, this time I was standing..... I mean how can you sit and watch PiL ? Anyway the crowd was quite mixed full of different people....even more so when I arrived. Getting to the front of the stage was so easily it was silly ! Only 3 rows away from the front brilliant ! The pre show music was some type of reggae not sure quite what it was not too expert in that field of music.... was watching the roadies set instruments up and how they did (quite fascinating) THEN out of the blue Lu Edmonds appeared on stage, I was expecting the crowd to go mad but no one knew he was, apart from someone else saying look it Edmonds, he was tuning his guitar and some banjo type of instrument.

After he went off stage, it was 15 mins to the band hit centre stage. Edmonds, Smith, Firth came on first and then Lydon appeared walking pretty relaxed up to the mic saying "polite crowd" of course which everyone was then clapping with excitement. Lydon next words were "were PiL, Real music for Real People......... Hello Hello Hello" Kicking into Public Image which after he said "40 quid thanks for the money... I need to catch the train home" then followed by Death Disco, Love Song, Poptones, just before albatross, Lydon had the hold of some spray liquid "saw this on tv, I think it gonna be aload of bollocks, going to give it a try anyways" " let see if I can sing a opera awwwwwww, that good enough for albatross" once that finished Lydon said "fuck that was good to sing in leeds" or something to that effect, to be honest the first block of songs is bit of blur because it was so energetic the crowd was going wild. The next song I really remember was tie me to the length of that, which was superb it one of my fav PiL songs and I never thought they would play it........ I mean what other band plays album tracks like that ? NONE it just shows how much balls Public Image Ltd have to play a song when not many people know of it.

After that Flowers of Romance, Psycho Path which was just epic , then Warrior which was fucking mind blowing it really was... Lydon was like "fuck labour, conservative, liberal democrats...... guy forks warrior, John Lydon warrior, LEEDS warrior" just superb, the "fuck" parts were something else but it was too that effect. Chant and Banging the door was moulded together.... very good ! Bags was hilarious which included the words "northern slags" got very big cheer from the crowd. Lydon was interacting with the crowd quite a lot then some drunk twat from Newcastle kept shouting and been argessive........ Lydon just went "were all on the same side in this room, learn to handle your drink" he kept doing it and after another song "got one word: CHAMPIONSHIP" which made everyone laugh and kept him quite for the rest of the gig.

Next song I remember was religion it was really superb, Lydon sang it with such intensity the crowd got really into it and sang along.... amazing stuff, this was the end of the normal show with PiL going off stage too smoke a cig "if you want more just make some noise" they returned and cracked into great version of sun with Lu playing some electronic trumpet kind of device...... Lydon got the crowd singing along....... next rack was Rise which was just fucking amazing, epic..... what a live experience seeing that song...... was truly great, the last song they finished with was kind of dance track I think it was "Open Up" but it got the crowd pumping really pumping! The show ended with lydon saying "got there in the end with ya, next time don't be shy infront of uncle johnny".

Edward Thompson


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