Irvine, Meadows Amphitheatre, USA,
June 18th, 1989

1989 "Monsters of Alternative Rock" Tour
John Lydon
John McGeoch: Guitar
Ted Chau: Keyboards & Guitars
Mike Joyce: Drums
Allan Dias: Bass

Set List:
Unknown in full...

This gig was part of the "Monsters of Alternative Rock" Tour. 21 dates in the USA and Canada, on the same bill as New Order and The Sugarcubes (featuring Bjork). The three band package tour is a forerunner for the now famous Lollapalooza tours of the early nineties, set up by Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction, though not for the first time PiL are written out of history...

Unknown if an audio bootleg was recorded


Gig Review

review by Paul Tucker, March 2005
© 2005 / Paul Tucker

I was there. I saw The Sugarcubes open and PiL play second and New Order was the final act. PiL blew both the Sugarcubes and New Order away that night .

The moon was full and orange glowing through the polluted California ozone. When PiL came on John was wearing a baggy yellow  suit and he was blue. He had painted himself blue for the show. The sound quality was excellent and PiL played a full set and left the crowd wanting more and most left after they stopped playing, nobody wanted to see New Order tinkering with their synths after Mr. Lydon and PiL had set the bar so high for the night . A+ a hell of a show.

Paul Tucker


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