Cullen Auditorium, University of Houston, USA
July 13th, 1986

1986 Album USA Tour
John Lydon
John McGeoch: Guitar
Lu Edmonds: Keyboards & Guitars
Allan Dias: Bass
Bruce Smith: Drums

Set List:
Unknown in full...


Unknown if an audio bootleg was recorded


Gig Review

review by Todd Eckert, December 2006
© / Todd Eckert

The gig was magnificent, Lydon bounding on to the stage wearing yellow foul-weather-gear as the band played a scorching version of 'Kashmir'. I had always wanted to see John McGeoch since his days in the Armoury Show and the Banshees, so that was an added bonus.

Houston at that time was notoriously stoic at gigs, but this night the crowd was really into it. However, there was a fire marshall who was telling people to stay in their seats and to keep the aisles clear, so people only stood on occasion (a Devo show a month earlier had been ended early by the same guy). Lydon told the crowd to do whatever they wanted, and of course the place erupted.

At the end of the gig, Lydon announced "we'd play more but I have to be arrested now," after which he walked off the stage with one of his arms thrust upwards. He was duly cuffed by a policeman and the gig was officially over.


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