PiL: Dusseldorf, Philipshalle, Germany,
December 1st, 1983

1983 European Tour
John Lydon
Martin Atkins: Drums
Louis Bernardi: Bass
Joseph Guida: Guitar
Arthur Stead: Keyboards

Set List:
Public Image / Low Life / Annalisa / Religion / Memories / Solitaire / Careering / Chant / Anarchy In The UK / Love Song / Bad Life / Attack


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Gig Review

review by Denis Barthel, March 2008
© 2008 Fodderstompf.com / Denis Barthel

Dusseldorf, Philipshalle, Germany, December 1st 1983 Gig TicketHere is a ticket scan of this concert and what I still remember. I was 15 years old when I visited the concert and it is so long ago now, so I do not remember so very much of the event. The location was a venue with a room for about 8000 visitors and it was quite full. Strange in those days for such a band, but 'This is Not a Love Song' had been a hit.

Among others PiL played 'Public Image', 'This is Not a Love Song' and the Pistols classic 'Anarchy in the UK'. I remember this, because these songs made the mostly bored audience move and mother's little boy stood right in the centre of the crowd. Everybody danced pogo then and when the Pistols-song came, the crowd went wild and finally all fell from the centre like it was Domino Day and I was so afraid of the shoulder-spikes of the guy above me...

I left with the same impression as Geant-Vert said about the Paris concert 22/12/1978: "Too many people were waiting for a Sex Pistols gig.", many "old-school-punks" muttered after the show: "Not enough Pogo.".

That's it. I hope these blinks of memory might be of use anyhow.

Best regards,
Denis Barthel


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Dusseldorf, Philipshalle, Germany, December 1st 1983 Gig Ticket
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