bordeaux, chat bleu, france,
october 20th, 1986

1986 Album European Tour
John Lydon
John McGeoch: Guitar
Lu Edmonds: Keyboards & Guitars
Allan Dias: Bass
Bruce Smith: Drums

Set List:
Kashmir / FFF / Low Life / Poptones / Pretty Vacant / Religion / Flowers of Romance / Bags / Home / Rise / Holidays in the Sun / Public Image


Audio bootleg recorded


Gig Review

review by Hervè Labyre, March 2003
© 2003 / Hervè Labyre

Tape coverI've decided to try to review the PiL gig that took place in Bordeaux, October 20th 1986. I was not at the gig, but one of my cousin's was, and he has often told me how great the show was. Moreover, I read some articles in local fanzines at that time. Bergerac being only 100 kms east from Bordeaux, so I got some information at the time. So, here is the review:

In 1986, Public Image Ltd played a date in Bordeaux. The show took place at Le Chat Bleu, a small club on the docks, that was very popular at that time, for rock and punk concerts. Most bands and artists were playing the big venues of the town, but sometimes added a show in this club. Iggy Pop and the Pogues did. It has now become a dance-techno night club.
The concert started late, and everyone was getting a bit nervous, but when John & co arrived on stage, it was madness. The audience was a real melting pot, with common people, punks, rockers, and also what we called "new wave" fans at that time. PiL opened the set with the usual Zeppelin cover of 'Kashmir', and then played some songs from 'Album' such as 'FFF'. 'Home' and 'Rise' along with old stuff like 'Religion', 'Poptones', 'Lowlife', and even Sex Pistols covers of 'Pretty Vacant' and 'Holidays in the Sun', which made all the punks in the audience go crazy, pogoing everywhere. It was the first time John Lydon came and played here. Neither Public Image Ltd nor the Sex Pistols had played in Bordeaux before, and everyone was really happy, including the band itself. John was very quiet, "joking" with the fans in his own style, and touching hands of people in front of the stage. The show ended after about one hour.

A "manufactured" bootleg tape exists for this show. It comes from an audience take. The sound quality is quite good. It sounds a bit muffled on some parts, but is still a good recording. This "manufactured" tape is the only bootleg of this show that exists at the time, no other source, audience tape or LP have surfaced. Every PiL song is good, 'Rise' is a quite long version as is 'Religion'. The Pistols covers are played in a PiL way of course, with these typical guitar effects, but the speed is the same. On 'Pretty Vacant', the song is stopped, and John makes the audience sing. The show ends with a good 'Public Image' version, but not the best I've heard, because I've always preferred the early gigs.

Hervè Labyre

Note: Religion was not printed on the tape insert


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