Blackburn, King George's Hall, UK,
11th December, 1983

1983 European Tour
John Lydon
Martin Atkins: Drums
Louis Bernardi: Bass
Joseph Guida: Guitar
Arthur Stead: Keyboards

Set List:
public image / low life / annalisa / religion / flowers of romance / memories / chant / anarchy in the uk / this is not a love song / attack


Audio bootleg recorded


Gig Review

review by Nichola Houghton, August 2005
© 2005 / Nichola Houghton

Stood outside the venue me and my mate were nearly mugged for our tickets, two nasty gentlemen said "go on then lets see you pogo". Our reply ? Fuck off!

The start of the gig saw John rise up from under the stage,in a cloud of dry ice, all you could see was his bright orange hair and oversized electric blue suit. Then the thunderous bass line to public image, we knew we were in for a good night. I cant remember the set list exactly but about half way through John stopped dead and addressed the crowd "STOP FUCKING SPITTING OR WE WILL END THIS RIGHT NOW" the filthy mob took no notice and John walked off.

About ten minuets later he was back, the spitting stopped and the band restarted. 'This is Not a Love Song' saw the crowd go berserk (in a nice way) as it was a lot faster version than the record. The climax was a hundred mile an hour version of 'ANARCHY',  maybe they were rushing to get off stage. In any case it left the crowd wanting more. But that was that.

Marks out of ten? Well it has to be TEN, I hope them nasty men who wanted us to pogo aren't waiting for us outside.


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