Donauinsel Festival, Vienna, Austria
September 12th, 1986

1986 Album European Tour
John Lydon
John McGeoch: Guitar
Lu Edmonds: Keyboards & Guitars
Allan Dias: Bass
Bruce Smith: Drums

Set List:
Kashmir / FFF / Low Life / Fishing / Poptones / Pretty Vacant / Banging the Door / Four Enclosed Walls / Flowers of Romance

With festivals come arseholes… It's hard to look back on this gig objectively as it's the infamous show where John McGeoch was hit in the face by a two litre bottle of wine. He required 40 stitches and the remainder of the European tour was cancelled. Going by the audio recording of the show there are obviously some crowd problems with "dirty little bastards" spitting etc, but nothing seems that out of the ordinary. Which is probably a sad reflection of the times more than anything…

Unknown if an audio bootleg was recorded


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