Seattle 7"


Seattle (7" Edit) / Selfish Rubbish

Release Date:

Label & Catalogue Number:
Virgin. VS 988

Highest UK Chart Position:

Vox - John Lydon
Guitar - John McGeoch
Guitar / Misc - Lu Edmonds
Bass - Allan Dias
Drums - Bruce Smith

Format Info:
Issued as standard picture sleeve; and as a limited edition box set including: badge, postcard & patch; plus track info sticker on cover.

Track Info:
'Seattle' is a slightly different mix & edit of the album track.

The non-album track B-side 'Selfish Rubbish' never appeared on CD (in the UK) until it was included on 'Plastic Box' in 1999. The track is not recorded live: listen carefully…

This was the first release from the 'new' PiL. A line-up which would last in various forms for another five years.

'Seattle' was written on tour while the band were in Seattle, apparently inspired by how boring the town was.

A promo video was shot for the single. Directed by Nick Willing.


Gary Langan & PiL

Great Linford Studios, Milton Keynes, UK

Sleeve Design:
Artwork: Eddie Monsoon

'Seattle' is unusual, in that we recorded it on tour, when we had some days off. The days off were in Seattle. Clever huh?
- John Lydon, 'Plastic Box' sleevenotes 1999

A song like ‘Seattle' – which came from a couple of riffs that Bruce and Lu Edmonds had – they brought it to me and I put a bass line on it; sitting on a bed in a hotel room! It was a nice bouncy groove, but it was nothing until John sang on that. Once he added some vocals to it, I was flipped out! It just became amazing. His voice is like another instrument, it's not just like having a singer…
- Allan Dias, Fodderstompf 2004

Selfish Rubbish

Press Reviews:
Sounds, August 1987

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Box Contents
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