Memories 7"


Memories (Mix) / Another

Release Date:

Label & Catalogue Number:
Virgin. VS 299

Highest UK Chart Position:

Vox - John Lydon
Guitar - Keith Levene
Bass - Jah Wobble
Drums - Richard Dudanski

Format Info:
Picture Sleeve

Track Info:
The A-side is a 7/12" mix of the album track; although similar it has better production. Most notably the midpoint in the song where 2 mixes are spliced into one. This mix has never been given an official CD release.

'Another' is a version of 'Graveyard' from 'Metal Box' with vocals.

A similar version of 'Another' entitled 'Not Another' appeared on Wobble's 'Betrayal' album.

No promo video is known to have been shot for the single.


Produced by 'Public Image Ltd'
Engineered by Nick Cook & Hugh Padgham

The Manor, Oxfordshire

Sleeve Design:
Unknown. However, most likely the pics of Lydon & Jeannette Lee, in full wedding gear, featured on the sleeve were taken by Dennis Morris.

There's this normal Spanish guitar thing that goes dun-da-da-dun da-da-dun. It's one of the first things I learned to play on guitar - very simple. I was very fond of that. The song came about in the studio, starting with Wobble. I thought it was a fucking joke - it sounded like an advert for a woman with a vacuum cleaner. I looked at Richard like I wasn't going to do anything but he thought that he meant he should play, so he did. I thought 'I know what' I'll do' so I played that tune.
- Keith Levene, Perfect Sound Forever 2001


Press Reviews:
Sounds, October 1979

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