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Release Date:

Label & Catalogue Number:
Virgin. VS 855

Highest UK Chart Position:

Vox - John Lydon
Guitar - Steve Vai / Nicky Skopelitis (session)
Bass - Bill Laswell (session)
Drums - Tony Williams (session)
Organ - Bernie Worrell (session)
Backing Vocals - Bernard Fowler (session)

Format Info:
Issued as standard picture sleeve, and as a limited edition double pack (with 'Rise') in clear PVC wallet, with track info sticker.

Track Info:
This 7" version is an edited version of the album/12" version.

A promo video was shot for the single. Directed by Willy Smax.


Bill Laswell & John Lydon

The Power Station / Quadra Sonic, New York

Sleeve Design:
Concept: John Lydon.
(Inspired by a generic style American supermarket brand).

That's about the end of the world, and fear of nuclear holocaust, which I think is now greater than ever, because of the chaos in the USSR - anything is likely to happen. If these people can kill each other so gleefully, they can certainly aim at the rest of the world with equal abandon. That worries me. And these morons are now, in charge of serious toys. I knew the USSR would collapse sooner or later, I think everybody did really.
- John Lydon, Volume 3 CD/Book 1992


Press Reviews:
Smash Hits, June 1986

Sleeve Front & Back   Limited Edition Double Pack
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