Bad Life 7"


Bad Life (7" Edit) / Question Mark

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Virgin. VS 675

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Vox - John Lydon
Drums - Martin Atkins
Guitar - Colin Woore (session)
Bass - Louis Bernardi (session)
Brass - Gary Barnackle (session)
Keyboards - Richard Cottle (session)

Format Info:
Issued as standard picture sleeve, and as a limited edition plain black PiL logo embossed sleeve.

Track Info:
This 7" version is an edited version of the album/12" version. It later appeared on 'Plastic Box'.

The non-album track B-side 'Question Mark' never appeared on CD until it was included on 'Plastic Box' in 1999.

'Bad Life' is a re-recorded version of the 'Commercial Zone' track (aka 'Mad Max') without Levene. The track was originally entitled 'Mad Max' after the bands apparent infatuation with the movie. Original lyrics included the line: "The open road, I'm getting gasoline', which is a reference to the movie's plot.

A promo video was shot for the single.


Produced by John Lydon & Martin Atkins

Maison Rouge, London

Sleeve Design:

Tracks like 'Bad Life' were very much Martin and me. The funny thing about Martin is that he never really likes playing drums, which means, when he plays them he kind of wants to get it over with, and this produces this stunning kind of madness about his playing, which I have always loved.
- John Lydon, 'Plastic Box' sleevenotes 1999

Bad Life
Question Mark

Press Reviews:
NME, May 1984

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