Adamski: Back to Front


Back To Front

Label & Catalogue Number:
MCA. 10361


Release Date:

Taken from the album 'Naughty'. The publishing rights on the track 'Back to Front' are credited as "written by PiL & Adamski". However, PiL's only real involvement with the track appears to be giving them permission to use the same bass-line as 'Public Image'.

Apparently the original (and officially unreleased) version of the track sampled the original 'Public Image' bassline However, on this version it has been re-recorded.

The track 'Never Goin' Down' also features Allan Dias on guitar, so it would seem Dias laid down the bass-line for 'Back to Front' around the same time.

'Back to Front' was later released as a single.

[excerpt] "Adamski is a nicely unobtrusive shade of peeling pastel pink, with a few vivid splashes of purple. That's if you can ignore lame tracks, such as those co-written with Soho and PiL (saccharine smooch and irritating nonsensical rhyme respectively)."
- Melody Maker, May 1992

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