Live in Tokyo LP


Side 1: Annalisa / Religion
Side 2: Low Life / Solitaire / Flowers of Romance
Side 3: This is Not a Love Song / Death Disco
Side 4: Bad Life / Banging The Door / Under The House

Release Date:
Re-issued (?/??)

Label & Catalogue Number:
Virgin. VGD 3508

Highest UK Chart Position:

Vox - John Lydon
Guitar - Joseph Guida
Bass - Louie Bernardi
Keyboards - Tom Zvoncheck
Drums - Martin Atkins

Format Info:
2 x 12", with colour poster (inc lyrics). Issued in single sleeve.

Track Info:
All tracks recorded live at Tokyo, Nakano Sun Plaza, Japan between 1st & 2nd of July 1983. The 1st July show was also released as a video.

Publishing Info:
All tracks Written by Public Image Ltd
Published by Warner Chappell Music Ltd / Copyright Control / EMI Virgin Music Ltd & Secret Music © 1983 Virgin Records Ltd

With Keith Levene & Pete Jones' departure, PiL found themselves without a band for the upcoming Japanese tour. As a panic measure musicians were hired from auditions by Bob Miller and Martin Atkins. The line-up of Louis Bernardi (bass), Joseph Guida (guitar) & Tommy Zvoncheck (keyboards) – often dubbed the "Cabaret Band" – had no real experience outside the New Jersey bar scene. Atkins is so concerned with the new band's image he persuades them to wear cabaret suits!

The band encored the tour with 'Anarchy in the UK' but it is not included on the album.

'Live in Tokyo' was one of the first digital live albums ever recorded (if not the first). The gigs were recorded on a Mitsubishi X-800 32ch tape recorder. At the time there were only three in existence and the cutting edge of musical technology.


Produced by 'Public Image Ltd'
Engineered by Bob Miller

Recorded live by Tamco Recording Mobil
Mixed at Nippon Columbia Studios, Japan

Sleeve Design:
A.D. Grafik Design

I did say in interviews at the time, "Don't buy it!" 'Live in Tokyo' was made because we were promised such and such amount of dollars if we'd let them record with their brand-new Mitsubishi digital recording unit. So, yes, I took the money, because I needed it.
- John Lydon, Q Magazine 1992

Pete Jones bailed around the same time as Keith Levene, so PiL ended up just me and John. Three weeks away from a Japanese tour. We had a period of panic because we had these shows that we were committed to doing. With Bob Miller we auditioned a bunch of guys, bass players, guitarists, keyboard players. It turned out, much later, that the three guys Bob suggested were old friends of his...
- Martin Atkins, Fodderstompf 2001

First Issue
Metal Box

Flowers of Romance

This is What You Want...

Press Reviews:
Record Mirror, October 1983

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