That What is Not LP


Side 1: Acid Drops / Lucks Up / Cruel / God / Covered
Side 2: Love Hope / Unfairground / Think Tank / Emperor / Good Things

Release Date:

Label & Catalogue Number:
Virgin. V 2681

Highest UK Chart Position:

Vox - John Lydon
Guitar - John McGeoch
Bass / Keyboards - Allan Dias
Drums - Curt "Kirbee" Bisquera (session)
Rhythm Guitar - Gregg "JP" Arreguin (session)
Harmonica - Jimmie Wood (session)
Horn Section - Tower of Power (session)
Backing Vocals - Bonnie Sheridan / Julie Christensen (session)

Format Info:
Single LP, with inner sleeve featuring lyrics.

Track Info:
All tracks were newly written for the album. 'Acid Drops' features "No Future" from the Sex Pistols 'GSTQ'. Apparently the sample was originally included as a wind-up by producer Dave Jerden; but John Lydon thought it fitted the anti-censorship song and decided to keep it. Of course, this wasn't the first time PiL had done something similar; listen carefully to ‘Hymies Him’ from the 'Flowers of Romance'.

'God' was originally titled 'QP33'. Various pre-release reviews stated 'QP33'. However, on the official release the track was titled 'God'.

Publishing Info:
All tracks written by Lydon/Dias/McGeoch
Published by Rotten Music Ltd / Chrysalis Music Ltd © Virgin Records 1992

'That What is Not' is PiL's last studio album; so far...

John's brother Martin Lydon is given a credit for "programming assistance".

A PiL fan club is listed on the inner sleeve. However, it seems it was only ever set up as a fan mailing address. Hardly anyone who contacted it ever received a reply!

The anti-junkie track 'Luck's Up' was once described in a review as a "moving tribute to Sid Vicious"!


Dave Jerden & PiL

Eldorado Recording Studios, LA

Sleeve Design:
Cover Art: Armando Testa
Design: Melanie Nissen

That What is Not was the last of the PiL albums I did with John McGeoch and Allan Dias. 'Acid Drops', another personal favourite, is about hypocrites who try to control our lives with rules and regulations. 'Think Tank' is me having a go back at all the people, who all the time, re-write and misrepresent the events of my past. Usually middle-class journalists who were never there at the time. 'Luck's Up' is about the hopelessness of junkies and druggies.
- John Lydon, 'Plastic Box' sleevenotes 1999

That What is Not

Press Reviews:
Q Magazine, March 1992

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