The Greatest Hits So Far LP


Side 1: Public Image / Death Disco (7" Mix) / Memories / Careering
Side 2: Flowers of Romance / This Is Not A Love Song (LP Version) / Rise (Bob Clearmountain Remix) / Home
Side 3: Seattle / The Body (UK 12" Remix) / Rules and Regulations
Side 4: Disappointed (12" Mix) / Warrior (Dave Dorrell Remix) / Don't Ask Me

Release Date:

Label & Catalogue Number:
Virgin. V 2644

Highest UK Chart Position:

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Format Info:
Double LP, with b&w inner sleeves featuring lyrics & pix. Issued in single sleeve.

Track Info:
'Don't Ask Me' is the only new track on the album. The rest (obviously) are a compilation of previously released material; including some remixes. The 'Bob Clearmountain Remix' of 'Rise' is the only other unreleased track on the album.

See above for full track info. All tracks are normal versions unless stated.

Publishing Info:
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Lydon later claimed that Virgin only pressed 44,000 copies of the 'Greatest Hits So Far' then deleted it. The album entered the charts at 20 and promptly sold-out. Typically PiL found themselves with a surprise success, but no albums to sell...

'This Is Not A Love Song' is the re-recorded 'This Is What You Want...' album version and not the original single release.

The 'Bob Clearmountain Remix' of 'Rise' was originally meant to be the second single from the compilation but was pulled due to budget restrictions by Virgin Records.


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Re-mastered at Digiprep

Sleeve Design:
Artwork: Reg Mombassa
Design: Melanie Nissen / Kathleen Philpott

I wanted 28 tracks, but you have to be reasonable I suppose. Virgin only wanted eight: 'Ooh, that's all we can get on one album' and I thought. 'Hold on, I've been on your label 12 years and you only want eight songs? Fuck off!" I refused to deal with them until they came round to my way of thinking. I relished the chance to see what things like 'Warrior' would sound like next to 'Death Disco' and 'Memories', to see if there was any vein running through them. And I was very pleased, there is. They sound like a solid piece of work. They could all have been done at the same time. All musically different, but the attitude is predominant. So I'm pleased with myself... not smug.
- John Lydon, Select Magazine 1990

We didn't really want anything to do with "Greatest Hits” to be honest, but what were our choices? Let them put out some bland packaging of old songs, or you know, put our hands in there and make sure that the mixes or the tracks are like 12” singles, and all different. We did the whole lay-out ourselves, and John got Reg Mombassa to do the cover…
- Allan Dias, Fodderstompf 2004

The Greatest Hits So Far

Press Reviews:
Sounds, October 27th 1990

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