Happy? LP


Side 1: Seattle / Rules and Regulations / The Body / Save Me
Side 2: Hard Times / Open and Revolving / Angry / Fat Chance Hotel / Save Me (unlisted Instrumental)

Release Date:

Label & Catalogue Number:
Virgin. V 2455

Highest UK Chart Position:

Vox - John Lydon
Guitar - John McGeoch
Guitar / Misc - Lu Edmonds
Bass - Allan Dias
Drums - Bruce Smith

Format Info:
Single LP, with one sided inner sleeve featuring lyrics.

Track Info:
All tracks were newly written for the album. A short unlisted instrumental of 'Save Me' is also included at the end of 'Fat Chance Hotel'.

Publishing Info:
All tracks written by Dias, Edmonds, Lydon, McGeoch & Smith
Published by EMI 10 Music Ltd. © Virgin Records 1987

This was the first album by the 'new' PiL. Written the previous year while the band toured with 'Album'. Although there would be a few changes the core line-up of Lydon, McGeoch & Dias would last for over six years - something of a record for PiL!

Apparently 'Fat Chance Hotel' is based on a true story ("The dinner gave me the splattery botty…").


Produced by Gary Langan & PiL

Great Linford Studios, Milton Keynes, UK

Sleeve Design:
Sleeve Painting: Richard Evans.
Concept by John Lydon ("inspired by the work of Friedenreich Hundertwasser").

Well, to all intents and purposes, 'Happy' was like our first album. Before we made the album, we'd toured for a year-and-a-half or something. We started to make the album in '87, and writing together was just an organic development from the way we were working together on the 'Album' material on tour. Initially, there was a little bit of trepidation about this big move of having a band, but after a couple of months we realised it was working out. There's a kind of exuberance on 'Happy?'.
- John McGeoch, Sounds 1990

I think there was potential for ‘Happy?’ to be a great album but I think we had the wrong producer, I mean Gary Langan’s a very good producer, a really nice guy, but he was the wrong guy. Because in the end he ended up squashing all the scruffy bits, that were so beautiful about ‘Metal Box’ and ‘Album’. All the space and the scruffy bits, that was the beauty, the size of PiL, it was always huge. And what Gary did was he filled it all up, so everything was all sort of Art of Noise, because that’s what he was in before. So he was a very funny choice…
- Lu Edmonds, Fodderstompf 1999


Press Reviews:
Sounds, 19th September 1987

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