Flowers Of Romance LP


Side 1: Four Enclosed Walls / Track 8 / Phenagen / Flowers Of Romance / Under The House
Side 2: Hymies Him / Banging The Door / Go Back / Francis Massacre

Release Date:

Label & Catalogue Number:
Virgin. V 2189
Mid-Price Reissue: OVED 51 (3/84)

Additional Note:
Re-issued on 180g vinyl in the USA on May 26th 2009 by 4 Men With Beards label.

Highest UK Chart Position:

Vox / Instruments - John Lydon
Instruments - Keith Levene
Drums - Martin Atkins

Format Info:
Single LP, with one sided lyric insert.

Track Info:
'Flowers of Romance' is a slightly different mix to the single version.

Martin Atkins plays on three tracks only, 'Four Enclosed Walls' / 'Under the House' / 'Banging the Door'. The rest of the drum tracks are played by Levene. John Lydon contributes violin to some tracks.

Writing / Publishing:
All tracks by Lydon/Levene. Except: Four Enclosed Walls / Under the House / Banging the Door - Lydon/Levene/Atkins
Published by Warner Chappell Music Ltd / EMI Virgin Music Ltd / Complete Music © 1981 Virgin Records Ltd

Possibly as a tribute to Sid Vicious, the album was named after the band Levene & Sid formed in 1976: "The Flowers of Romance". ‘Hymies Him’ also features a brief instrumental outtake of ‘No Future’ (listen carefully).

‘Hymies Him’ was originally written by Levene for use in the Michael Wadleigh movie 'Wolfen'.

Francis Massacre' was inspired by Lydon's stay at Mountjoy Prison ("Go down for life, Mountjoy is fun").


Produced by 'Public Image Ltd'
Engineered by Nick Launay

The Manor, Oxfordshire / Town House, London

Sleeve Design:

The record is very, very sparse. 'Flowers of Romance' has no guitar on it, it's just a cello'd bass, all drums. One track I played guitar on is 'Go Back', which I played drums also. I made the backing track and I'd go in and play guitar and John would sing. With stuff like 'Flowers of Romances', we'd put the backing track together and we were getting into computer mixes, which was keeping John interested. He did a sax solo on it, he didn't know how to play but that's what came out. I said 'it's OK, we can use it.' It was very experimental like that...
- Keith Levene, Perfect Sound Forever 2001

On ‘Flowers of Romance’ Martin was going off on tour with Brian Brain and he only had two bloody days, so I just started to lay down loads of different drums beats, and we didn’t have any time to set up any real sound, the Townhouse in Goldhawk Road was being built at the time so the drum kit was on a wooden frame over this huge deep hole in a stone room and that’s what created that incredible sound… we just heard it and went ‘Ooh, lets just have some top mikes for the echo off it, and fuck it, don’t do any EQ’.
- John Lydon, Fodderstompf 2004

By the time we got to ‘Flowers of Romance’, Nick Launay [producer] and I were experimenting in the studio. I brought a watch into the studio and miked it up, ran it through some effects, and that became the chhh chhh chhh sound, the texture behind ‘Four Enclosed Walls’. I was drinking bottles of Perrier Water, recorded to quarter inch tape, slowed down it sounded almost like fucking dinosaurs. That was the backing for an unreleased track called ‘Vampire’...
- Martin Atkins, Fodderstompf 2001

Flowers of Romance

Press Reviews:
Rolling Stone, March 1981

Sleeve Front & Back   Lyric Insert
Label A & B   Reissue
Label A & B
4 Men With Beards (4M518
2009 4 Men With Beards US 180g vinyl re-issue
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