This is Not a Love Song 12"


This is Not a Love Song / Blue Water / This is Not a Love Song (Remix) / Public Image

Release Date:

Label & Catalogue Number:
Virgin. VS 529 12

Highest UK Chart Position:

Vox - John Lydon
Guitar / Bass - Keith Levene
Drums - Martin Atkins

Format Info:
Issued as standard picture sleeve, and as a limited edition plain white PiL logo embossed sleeve; with track info sticker.

Track Info:
2 mixes of 'This is Not a Love Song' are included on the 12". Both almost identical. The "remixed version" has slightly more chorus towards the end.
The "remixed version" is featured on the 'Commercial Zone' release.

Concerned of a possible flop Virgin Records decided to tack 'Public Image' onto the release to help sales; which was ironic as 'This is Not a Love Song' turned out to be PiL's biggest ever hit single peaking at No. 5.

The sleeve incorrectly states the NYC studio as South Park, rather than Park South.

This was the only PiL single to be re-issued by "oldie but goldie" re-issue label Old Gold.

A promo video was shot for the single. Directed by Larry White; which features the 4:30 minute lead track from the 12" not the 7" radio edit.


Produced by PiL & Bob Miller

Park South Studios, New York

Sleeve Design:

It was all very tongue-in-cheek. At the time, people were saying that that I'd joined big business and become a bourgeois shit. So I thought the best way of tackling this would be to pump out a song saying that's exactly what I am, tongue firmly in cheek. And that kind of stopped that nonsense, so it worked.
- John Lydon, Volume 3 CD/Book 1992

This is Not a Love Song
Blue Water

Public Image

Press Reviews:
Smash Hits, September 1983

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