This is PiL CD


This Is PiL / One Drop / Deeper Water / Terra-Gate / Human / I Must Be Dreaming / It Said That / The Room I Am In / Lollipop Opera / Fool / Reggie Song / Out of the Woods

Bonus DVD:
There is a PIL in Heaven
(limited edition 2 disc set only)
Deeper Water / This Is Not A Love Song / Albatross /Reggie Song / Disappointed / Warrior / Religion / USLS1 / Death Disco / Flowers of Romance / Lollipop Opera / Bags / Chant / Out of the Woods
encore: One Drop / Rise / Open Up

Release Date:

Label & Catalogue Number:
PiL Official PiL002CD
PiL Official PiL002CDX
(deluxe version)

Running Time:
64:16 mins

Vox - John Lydon
Guitar / Misc - Lu Edmonds
Bass - Scott Firth
Drums - Bruce Smith

Format Info:
Also issued as deluxe limited edition 2 disc set including bonus DVD recorded live at Heaven Nightclub, April 2nd 2012.

Track Info:
All music written and performed by John Lydon, Lu Edmonds, Bruce Smith, Scott Firth. All lyrics written by John Lydon

Publishing Info:
All tracks published by PiL Official Publishing Limited




Produced by John Lydon, Lu Edmonds, Bruce Smith, Scott Firth & James Towler

Associate Producer:
John Rambo Stevens

Engineered and mixed by:
James Towler

Assistant Engineer:
Walter Jacquiss

Wincraft Studios, Cotswolds, England. Summer 2011

Painted and designed by John Lydon throughout.

'This Is PiL': "Well, 12 songs, where do I begin? Everything and anything that attracts my attention. 'One Drop' is about my early youth in Finsbury Park.  Fantastic! Hello, we're all teenagers don't you forget it! At any age, stay young. 'Lollipop Opera' is basically a beautiful bunch of background noise and music to sum up Britain and all its wonderful ambidextrousness! 'The Room I Am In' well that's about drugs and council flats. And there's a tragedy that still continues. 'I Must Be Dreaming' Well, you know, I must be to put up with these governments."
- John Lydon, PiL Official, April 2012

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