This Is What You Want... This Is What You Get CD


Bad Life / This is Not a Love Song (Re-recorded Version) / Solitaire / Tie Me To the Length of That / The Pardon / Where Are You / 1981 / The Order Of Death

Release Date:
Re-issued (?/9?)

Label & Catalogue Number:
Virgin. CDV 2309

Running Time:
36:33 mins

Vox/Instruments - John Lydon
Drums/Instruments - Martin Atkins
Guitar - Colin Woore (session)
Bass - Louis Bernardi (session)
Brass - Gary Barnackle (session)
Keyboards - Richard Cottle (session)

Format Info:
Mid-price CD re-issue of 'This is What You Want...' LP. 4 page booklet featuring track listing/info.

The 2012 re-issue is mastered from the 2011 Japanese re-issue.

Track Info:
Same tracks as LP version
All tracks were recorded for the album. Bad Life / This is Not a Love Song / Solitaire / Where Are You & The Order Of Death are re-recorded versions of 'Commercial Zone' material.
John Lydon is credited with; violin, bass synth, brass, percussion & keyboards.

Publishing Info:
All tracks by Lydon/Levene. Except: 1981 / Tie Me To the Length of That - Lydon/Atkins.
Published by Warner Chappell Music Ltd / Copyright Control / EMI Virgin Music Ltd / JRMA & Complete Music © 1984 Virgin Records Ltd

Although it had not previously been available on CD, 'This is What You Want...' was re-issued as special mid-price CD in 1990, along with 'Flowers of Romance' & 'Paris Au Printemps'.

After Levene's departure Lydon decided to scrap the original 1982/3 NYC 'Commercial Zone' material, and re-recorded it with Martin Atkins and some session players. Louie Bernardi is the only member of the 1983 live (cabaret) band to feature on the album. Only two new (non CZ) tracks are included ('1981' & 'The Pardon').

The month after the 'This is What you Want...' LP was released, Keith Levene issued 'Commercial Zone - Limited Edition' to compete with the album.

'1981' originally dates from the 'Flowers of Romance' album sessions (hence it's name), this is a re-recorded version by Lydon & Atkins.

'Where Are You' was apparently written about Jeannette Lee.


Produced by John Lydon & Martin Atkins

Maison Rouge, London

Original Sleeve Design:
John Van Hamersveld

'This is What You Want' is just me giving orders and them receiving them. There was no feedback. If I had a crap idea, the crap idea would go onto vinyl almost immediately.
- John Lydon, Volume 3 CD/Book 1992

They sort of copied 'Commercial Zone'. I think they made a much worse record, but that was the one they put out...
- Keith Levene, Perfect Sound Forever 2001

This is What You Want...

Press Reviews:
Melody Maker, July 1984 (LP)

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