Second Edition CD


Albatross / Memories / Swan Lake (Death Disco) / Poptones / Careering / Socialist / Graveyard ('Another' Inst) / The Suit / Bad Baby / No Birds (Do Sing) / Chant / Radio 4

Release Date:
Re-issued (4/92) (2/11)

Label & Catalogue Number:
Virgin. CDVD 2512

Running Time:
60:37 mins

Vox - John Lydon
Guitar/Synth - Keith Levene
Bass - Jah Wobble
Drums - Richard Dudanski / Martin Atkins / David Humphrey / Jah Wobble / Keith Levene
Full track breakdown inc, studio info

Format Info:
CD re-issue of 'Second Edition' LP. 8 page booklet featuring lyrics & re-productions of original sleeve artwork.

The February 2011 re-issue uses the Metal Box 2009 remaster.

Track Info:
Same tracks as LP version
'Swan Lake' (aka 'Death Disco') is a slightly different mix to the 7" with extra synth at the very end.

'Memories' is also a different mix to the single... 'No Birds' (aka 'No Birds Do Sing') is the same version as the B-side of the 'Death Disco' 7".

'Graveyard' is an instrumental version of 'Another' from the 'Memories' single.

Writing / Publishing:
All tracks Written by Public Image Ltd
Published by Warner Chappell Music Ltd / EMI Virgin Music Ltd © 1979 Virgin Records Ltd

'Second Edition' was one of the first PiL albums to be re-issued on CD in 1986, along with 'First Issue' & 'Live in Tokyo'.

Despite being the same album both 'Second Edition' & 'Metal Box' (in a tin) are currently available on CD.

Back in 1979 Warner Brothers in the US didn't want to release the 'Metal Box' LP in the can format due to cost. So it was decided to release the record as a standard double album in the states. Virgin UK then decided to release the album as a re-issue of the now sold-out 'Metal Box'.

When PiL appeared on the 'Old Grey Whistle Test' to promote the album Lydon used the rear sleeve as a lyric sheet.


Produced by 'Public Image Ltd'
Engineered by Nick Cook & Hugh Padgham

The Manor, Oxfordshire / Town House, London / Advision, London

Original Sleeve Design:
Tony McGee

We did the new cover and we wanted it to be a double album. We told them that's how we wanted it done. It was our idea to be reflective in those things and move them. Then they put me on the front (cover), which was nice. It's this reflection. We were taking a picture of a reflection. You move it some position and it's like being at the fairground, with your face stretched. So the cover is just a composite of my face. All the pictures there are like that. It's fucking cool art work.
- Keith Levene, Perfect Sound Forever 2001

I was very shocked by the reviews of 'Metal Box', of course I believe none of them. They liked us for all the wrong reasons...
- John Lydon, Tomorrow Show 1980

Second Edition

Press Reviews:
Stereo Review (US), August 1980 (LP)
NME, 24th November 1979 (Metal Box)

Also see the Fodderstompf 'Metal Box' page featuring extensive review and additional info.

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