Metal Box cassette


Side 1: Albatross / No Bodies (No Birds Do Sing) / Graveyard ('Another' Inst) / Poptones / Careering
Side 2: Memories / Swan Lake (Death Disco) / The Suit / Bad Baby / Socialist / Chant / Radio 4

Release Date:
Mid-Price Reissue: OVEDC
408, (?/8?)

Label & Catalogue Number:
Virgin. MBCAS 1

Vox - John Lydon
Guitar/Synth - Keith Levene
Bass - Jah Wobble
Drums - Richard Dudanski / Martin Atkins / David Humphrey / Jah Wobble / Keith Levene
Full track breakdown inc, studio info

Format Info:
Cassette issue of 'Second Edition' LP, titled as 'Metal Box' and issued in unique white/back PiL logo sleeve.

Track Info:
Same tracks as LP version
However, features a unique mistitle of 'No Birds Do Sing' as 'No Bodies', and a slightly different running order to the LP (subsequent re-issues of the cassette kept the mis-tiltled track).

Writing / Publishing:
All tracks Written by Public Image Ltd
Published by Warner Chappell Music Ltd / EMI Virgin Music Ltd © 1979 Virgin Records Ltd

'Second Edition' was never issued on cassette; and this release became the standard cassette issue of the album.

The music press joked at the time it should have been issued in a sardine can.


Produced by 'Public Image Ltd'
Engineered by Nick Cook & Hugh Padgham

The Manor, Oxfordshire / Town House, London / Advision, London

Sleeve Design:

Metal Box

Press Reviews:
NME, 24th November 1979 (LP)

Also see the Fodderstompf 'Metal Box' page featuring extensive review and additional info.

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