Rotten The Money / Recorded Live In Pasadena And In London (bootleg LP)


Track/Source: Careering / Poptones - Radio 1, John Peel Session 17.12.79
Track/Source: Where Are You / Death Disco / Bad Life - Pasadena 8.11.82
Track/Source: Chant - Radio 1, John Peel Session 17.12.79
Track/Source: Poptones / Careering - BBC, Old Grey Whistle Test 5.2.80
Track/Source: Under The House - Pasadena 8.11.82

Label & Catalogue Number:
SPVR 1631


Release Date:

Single LP

Sound Quality:
(As 'Metal Box Demos') Good/Very Good. Live tracks good, TV & Radio tracks very good

Reissue of 'Metal Box Demos'. Includes track separation. Again, sleeve states different/wrong song titles (ie: Chant No1 / Careering Remix / Pop Tones / Untitled / No Time To Live / Where Are You Now / Swan Lake / Mad Mix / Under The House)

Plain white card with two paper inserts. Front insert, bright red with black PiL logo, titled 'Recorded Live in Pasadena and London', along with track listings etc. Back insert, green with drawing of two US coins titled 'Rotten The Money', along with track listings etc.
Labels feature black PiL logos on both sides.

Vox - John Lydon
Guitar - Keith Levene
Drums - Martin Atkins
Bass - Pete Jones (live) / Jah Wobble (BBC)


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