November 8th, 1982

Running Order:
1. Blue Water (intro)
2. Theme
3. Where Are You
4. Religion
5. Careering
6. Chant
7. Bad Baby
8. Attack
9. No Birds Do Sing
10. Death Disco
11. Mad Max (Bad Life)
12. Low Life
13. Annalisa
14. Public Image
15. Under The House

Running Time:
76 minutes (approx)

Picture Quality:
(7) Camcorder Audience Recording
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review by SCOTT M

Bad NTSC transfer, with breaks throughout. Filmed from the back-right hand side of the hall.

Until the Gildersleeves 1980 video turned up this was the only footage I had of Keith Levene live on stage. This bootleg has been doing the rounds for years, and to be honest the quality isn't so good. It was once rumoured to be a Target Video, but the quality seems substandard for Target. However, it's an interesting document of the 'Commercial Zone' line up, which of course we never got to see in the UK. They seem a lot more relaxed than their previous live appearances. John's up for a laugh, and the band seem very tight, remarkably Pete Jones was only PiL's second bass player. The set is a great cross section of PiL's previous albums along with a sprinkling of new stuff, and despite the crowd seeming not to know much of the set, there's a good atmosphere.

The gig has been filmed from the back right hand side of the hall, it's a bit shaky in places and very dark to begin with, but there's some reasonably good close up's of the band so it doesn't get too tedious...

The sound quality is quite echoy, and the picture is very faded in places too, the fact it's been transferred in this state from US to UK doesn't help either, it's a bit like some of the old ropey Pistols Winterland recordings. Every copy I've ever saw has appeared to come from the same master, but if anybody else knows of a better copy please let me know.
This was the second night PiL played, and both gigs are already available on bootleg LP (It made me laugh when Clinton Heylin said in Spiral Scratch Magazine, that for years he didn't believe there was a second night, I had a fucking video of it!). On audio I'd say the first night was a better gig, but it's still good to see this video, who only knows what would have happened if this line up had stuck together...


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