August 21st, 1987

Running Order:
1. Rise
2. Low Life
3. Open & Revolving
4. Hard Times
5. World Destruction
6. Home
7. Rules & Regulations
8. FFF
9. Annalisa
10. Holidays in the Sun
11. Public Image
12. This is Not a Love Song
13. Religion

Running Time:
74 minutes (approx)

Picture Quality:
(6) Camcorder Audience Recording
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review by JON EDWARDS

During parts of 'Open & Revolving', 'Home' & 'Religion' there is a negative effect on the tape which obscures vision. Sound quality, however, comes from a high quality microphone.

I really miss PiL, and this bootleg of the excellent 80's line up of McGeoch, Edmonds, Smith & Dias, does ease things a little. Kicking off with 'Rise' & 'Low Life' , picture quality is obviously generations away from the original camcorder tape, sound quality, however, comes from a high quality microphone. Camera work could be better too...

The excellent 'Hard Times' is in the set, followed by 'World Destruction' & 'Home'. "Who needs Elvis when you've got me" quips Lydon, who stays relatively quiet, except to ask for water for the dehydrated capacity crowd. Incidentally this is the gig Lu Edmonds mentioned in F&F10, where the power cuts during 'Rise' and the crowd keep singing on regardless!

Because of the stage lighting, at times it's difficult to see the band's faces, though Lydon is unmistakable with his mop of hair and his rasta clumps. 'Rules & Regulations' and the brilliant 'FFF' put in an appearance, along with 'Annalisa'. A rendition of the classic 'Holidays in the Sun' (which sounds real strange) , 'Public Image', 'This is Not a Love Song' & 'Religion' complete the show.

The sound quality, and the fact that it's a great show are this bootlegs saving graces. Due to the picture problems this is probably worth getting for collectors and hard-core PiL fans only.


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