PiL - London, Electric Ballroom, UK,
23rd December 2009 (2nd night)

Running Order:
1. Public image
2. Careering
3. This is Not a Love Song
4. Poptones (inserted)
5. Tie me . . . (inserted)
6. Death Disco
7. The Flowers of Romance
8. Disappointed (inserted)
9. Warrior (inserted)
10. Memories
11. Annalisa
12. Religion (inserted)
13. Sun
14. Rise
15. Open Up (incomplete)

Running Time:
74 minutes (approx)

Picture Quality:
(8) Audience Recording Varying quality
DVD/Video Gradings Explained here

review by Mick C

Incomplete recording and includes inserted YouTube footage.

The main problem with this dvd is that it is vastly incomplete. The majority of songs (10 out of the 15 have been filmed by a single, good quality camera towards the back of the hall and from the left side of the stage.) The inserted songs have been ripped mercilessly from Youtube and inserted into the original recording, so that the picture and sound quality varies greatly.
If the songs were split on the dvd it would be possible to just remove the inserted tracks but it's been created as one long DVD file so this makes it more difficult.

The 10 songs that come from the single camera are great quality, both in sound and picture.
Of course it's unclear whether this guy actually filmed the whole performance or whether he just caught certain songs. More likely that he just got the songs that are on the DVD.
The inserted material completely spoil what would have been an ok, if incomplete DVD.


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